Do you enjoy KFC food? The chicken at KFC has an incredibly exquisite flavour. Do you know who created this variety of chicken, though? Perhaps most of you are unaware of that. Actually, KFC was created by captain Sounders. It was started by him. Have you ever heard the captain Sounders tale? Do you want to know how he started KFC? If so, you’ll undoubtedly find this article interesting.

At the age of 65, Captain Sounders started his career. This is absurd, right? Therefore, what drives this kind of behaviour? He was indeed quite alone and pretty destitute at that time. He only received a first relief fund check for 105 dollars. He was quite unhappy about it and questioned whether there was anything he could do to help the community.

His mind had an idea all of a sudden. He had a special recipe for fried chicken that was loved by many. He could earn a lot of money if he could teach people how to fry chicken properly in addition to selling his special recipe. This would help eateries do better business.

It’s not uncommon for people to have brilliant ideas, but what matters most is whether or not those ideas are immediately put into action. Captain Sounders visited a number of eateries to share his comments with the proprietors. Unfortunately, no one initially adopted his viewpoints. Captain Sounders would not have achieved such success if he had given up at that point.

When he faced the failure, he became upset. He persevered, nevertheless, and kept trying new things. Personal power is a principle that states that if you persist in doing something consistently, you will eventually achieve. This rule was put into action by Captain Sounders, who tried it more than a thousand times. In the end, his suggestion was approved.

As you can see, Captain Sounder’s success was due to his consistent attitude. Now consider yourself. Do you own comparable expertise to Captain Sounders? When faced with challenges a few times, let alone a thousand, will you abandon what you are doing? Do you have a strong enough heart to put up with and withstand the mockery or hatred of others?

Nobody ever achieves success without working hard for it. People who are successful and wealthy consistently make the decision to do what they want to accomplish and keep doing it. Until their hopes and aspirations are realised, they will not give up.

Captain Sounders continues having to remind himself to focus on what he wants, particularly the ways to deal with issues. He reasoned that while challenging situations would initially terrify him, they wouldn’t last his entire lifetime. He tends to be quite upbeat and seldom lets bad emotions interfere with his life. He thinks that, given enough time, his fate won’t be all that horrible. For more details, pleae click here KFC founder Story