Pathofast Diagnostic Lab offers accurate liver profile test reports, which is trusted by doctors across the country. The cost of the liver profile test offered by Pathofast is around Rs.900. Even though the cost is high, the accuracy of the reports is unmatchable.

Pathofast Diagnostic Lab follows a meticulous process to produce accurate reports, making sure that the results are reliable and trustworthy. The lab staffs collect the samples from the patients and store them under a strict temperature range. This ensures that the samples survive the journey to the lab and remain viable for testing.

The samples are then tested in the lab under the supervision of certified lab technicians who use quality reagents for the test. These technicians are trained to analyze the samples and interpret the results accurately. The lab also has sophisticated testing equipment to ensure that the results are precise and reliable.

The reports generated by Pathofast Diagnostic Lab is reliable and trustworthy. Doctors all over the country rely on the accuracy of the results and trust the reports to make accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions. The reports also contain detailed information about the patient’s liver health, helping the doctor to understand the exact condition of the patient.