So your upline told you that all that “Online MLM Marketing” stuff doesn’t work.


What is it a about online MLM marketing and lead generation that really tends to annoy upline leaders in the world of traditional network marketing.

I am talking about those leaders in the upline who are supposed to be there to support and encourage you to higher levels of performance.

I mean it seems kind of strange since if you learn a new skill like online MLM marketing that will ultimately make you a power recruiter capable of bringing multiple new team members to the table every month, it would obviously boost their check.

So it should make them really excited right?


So why do they fear and hate it?

There are actually some pretty good reasons.

The biggest one is of course that they fear what they do not know or understand. They are a leader and of course they can’t advise you on what they don’t know. I have been there also, with 23 years of MLM marketing experience I have worked with and trained a lot of distributors and I know the annoyed feeling you get when some rebellious downline veers off on a tangent with some odd ball idea.

I wrote about this in my review on Attraction Marketing. It was this same circumstance that caused me to investigate generating MLM leads through online marketing using the attraction marketing model and sent me headlong down the rabbit hole into the world of online MLM marketing.

However it’s not always just a lack of understanding that tick’s them off, there are many people who are Network Marketing leaders who actually do understand a little about internet marketing and they are still negative on it.

So what’s the deal with them?

Well to put it simply they fear “evolution”.

Yes I know that statement probably did not make any sense to you. What does evolution have to do with network marketing?

Well of course I am not talking about monkeys becoming men, but rather the natural evolution of your business model once someone becomes involved in the world of online marketing.

Especially when it involves “funded proposals” and “affiliate marketing” as discussed in the Magnetic Sponsoring Course

Maybe evolution is not the correct word here. It’s more like a shift in perception.

You see in the world of traditional MLM marketing we go out and spend our time branding the company, the “Mother Ship” so to speak, as the end all be all of all opportunities.

If you have been in Network Marketing before you know this marketing focus well.

We position the company as the chance of a lifetime, that unique opportunity that will change your life and your finances forever, and all we have to do is recognize the sheer magnetite of the opportunity and hitch our proverbial wagons to the deal and our financial success is assured.

Wow, I really wish it was that simple but of course you know it’s not.

So let’s talk evolution.

Once an Network Marketer becomes involved in online MLM marketing they quickly learn that you don’t brand the company, or even lead with your company, rather you brand yourself.

The marketing focus is generic, never mentions the company, and focuses instead on giving your prospect useful tools to help them be successful in the pursuit of their business with whatever company there are with.

You brand yourself as kind of a marketing coach.

Now if you are brand new to online MLM marketing and you feel your current level of skill does not qualify you as coach material, then you brand yourself as a messenger of opportunity but the opportunity here is leaning online MLM marketing.

So there is a major shift in focus away from your primary Network Marketing company.

Now the goal of your lead generation effort is in fact the same, you want to sponsor people into your MLM, but you lead with an online marketing system as the front end product and market your MLM as a back end product once you have developed a relationship with your prospect.

You get many more leads this way, and you become a much better recruiter for your MLM because once you have developed a relationship with your prospects, they now know you and trust you and are much more willing to listen to what you have to say about your deal.

Now as you push leads through your system you begin to generate a cash flow from your lead generation efforts by using a “funded proposal” and exposing your leads to various affiliate offers for training or tools that have to do with MLM or online marketing success.

So there you are after a few months or so generating leads and your business is throwing off a cash flow from your affiliate offers, and oh yes you are now sponsoring more people into your primary MLM than you probably ever have before.

But wait now the real shift occurs, as you become successful you begin to realize that it’s really not the company that is the golden opportunity, the power is in the marketing.

You slowly start to realize that you could be successful with any company you choose.

Now the ultimate shift occurs.

Most popular online MLM marketing and lead generation systems such as My Lead System Pro and Carbon Copy Pro have multiple affiliate income streams built into them, and so you get checks from several companies each month.

Then one day as you are opening up your checks, it just kind of hits you……

the “Ah-Ha” moment!

You realize that your primary MLM is really nothing more than just another affiliate income stream. True it’s probably the only one that has a residual income stream attached to it, but still its only one more business income stream that you now measure by an entirely different yardstick.

The spell is broken…..

Need an instant recap?

You see in the past all the power was vested in the company, in the deal to end all deals, we were simply the messenger of opportunity and our mission was to spread the word about this once in a lifetime……

Yada Yada Yada…..

Once you realize that the power is in your ability to bring leads and recruits to the table without ever mentioning the company and that you have the power to put them in any deal you choose…..

Well let’s just say it’s a sobering moment.

So back to the original issue.

Why does your upline hate online MLM marketing?

Now you know, it removes the spell of control and you are no longer under their power.

Look you are an asset, a foot soldier in the battle of financial independence. Having an army that does not blindly follow you is a problem for a leader.

They realize that they no longer have any control over you at all. That if the company future does not play out the way you want, you can leave and have your choice of multiple other opportunities, and you are going to take your group with you. Let’s face it there is no lack of companies or opportunity in the MLM universe.

This is exactly what you see with top Network Marketing leaders who build huge organizations, they are not totally dependent on any company, because the power is in their skill and they have an army behind them which they could move to any company they might choose.

The bottom line here?

Being a top recruiter gives you incredible power, it’s worth the learning curve.

And once you are on the path, take out that yardstick and start measuring.

Now one final point here, you have probably heard that evolution is a constant process, not a static event.

I will point out that this distributor mindset evolution does not necessarily stop here. It can also carry people from working with Standard MLM’s into the world of Top Tier MLM but that is another story for another time.