Have you ever asked yourself why you are an internet marketer? What is the real reason you are doing it? Many people will think that is a stupid question and answer, “The money, of course!” The answer they give was my answer too when I first started out. As time went on so did my enthusiasm for internet marketing. Even though I was making money, something was just missing. I had to figure out what that “something” was before I could go on still in internet marketing.

After many hours of reviewing my life and my internet marketing I knew what was missing! It wasn’t the money that I needed to be concerned about, it was how I could help people to be where I am or even to help them go right on past where I am today and advance beyond me. I need to help people make it in life, to succeed, to reach their goals and to be all they can be. I needed to bring people to a place where they can achieve more they they have ever imagined or ever thought possible!

If you could give anyone in your life anything they want, who would it be? The first people who came to my mind were my daughters. What if your daughter or son came to you and said, “Dad, I need to go to the hospital and have surgery done but they won’t take me because I have no money”. Well, you would do everything you can to come up with that money, wouldn’t you? You would do anything you possibly can to help them. What if a friend came to you and had a problem? Maybe, he is having a rough time financially and is on the verge of losing their home, their car, and being on the streets because they got laid off from their job? Again, you would want to help them too.

So, what is my point with all this? Just this… what if you could help them? What if you already made enough money that you could just go, write them a check and help them immediately? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Wouldn’t that make your day? Better yet, wouldn’t that make their day? Helping people like that would be wonderful! It would serve as your purpose. Not only that but if you were in the position to do that… you would have to be making good money to begin with and my question to you is, why aren’t you? Why aren’t you making the money you have always dreamed about making right now? I have an answer for that too, you’re not focused! You might be saying, “Well, I make decent money! I live comfortably”. That might be so, but who are you helping?

You see, you can make all the money in the world but if you aren’t helping someone, there is a void in your life! There can be many ways to help someone, not always just helping them with money. You can teach them, you can show them how to make good money. You can recommend a program that has the potential to make them more money than they ever imagined they would make in their life. You can teach them and show them how you are doing it. You can introduce them to people who know what they are doing and will help them advance at reaching their goals. The main thing is to help them some way.

My daughters and Lisa, my girlfriend of 15 years, are the most important people in my life. Lisa has been wanting to start her own internet business for years and asked me if I would recommend her something since I have been marketing online since the 90’s. I said I would look around for something for her. That was 10 years ago and until 2 weeks ago I never suggested anything to her at all. I wanted to make sure whatever she got into had potential and that she could do it. I wanted to make sure she could make great money at it and be able to help others. I also wanted someone else besides me to teach her what she should do and how to do it the correct way. I wanted something that she could advance in front of me and that she would have no limits. In other words, I didn’t want to hold her back with just my knowledge that I have.

The time for her to get into something could never be more important that right now and I wanted that something to be outstanding and I am going to tell you why! I have some major health problems, I am on peritoneal kidney dialysis and do the dialysis 4 times a day. Also, my heart is only working on the left side and the right side is not working at all. The left side of my heart is wearing itself out trying to overcompensate for my right side not working. The doctors gave me a few months to live but that was over a year ago and I am still here. Am I telling you this for your sympathy? Not a chance, it was hard enough just writing about it. I am telling you this to emphasize how important it was for me to get Lisa into something that has outstanding potential. Something that could support her long after I am gone. Something that she can do and live off of forever. I found that something at the right time… finally!

Let’s talk about my daughters, the loves of my life. Do you think I would want to help them? Of course! Do you think my reason for recommending something to them would be because I make money from it? Not a chance, you have to be kidding, right? I have highly suggested a program to them too, yes, the same one that I have recommended to Lisa. I want them to be able to work on their own, make great money and not have to depend on a corporation to work for to get a paycheck. I don’t want them ever to have to live from paycheck to paycheck. I never want them to be laid-off work and be homeless. I want to give them every opportunity they could possibly have to live life comfortably and even more than that, for them to make more money than they ever imagined! I truly believe I have done that when I suggest this business opportunity for them. That is all I can do, just like with anyone else, Lisa, you, or anyone. They will have to do it, I can’t do it for them. They will have to put in the time in internet marketing just like I did when I was learning. They will have to stay focused and do what is needed to be done. Here is the thing, I honestly believe if they do that, they will make more money that they have ever imagined. You see, I really believe I have helped them more than I have ever in my life. I have given them the opportunity to become independent, be their own boss and make more money than they have ever dreamed possible with the training they need. All they have to do is believe their dad would never tell them to do something that wouldn’t be good for them. They all know they have my heart and this may be the last thing that I ever do for them. You can be damn sure I believe in what I am telling them and Lisa and you to do!

Listen, you can go on with your life like it is now. Are you truly happy with that? Is this the way you want to live the rest of your life? If not then you have to do something to change it. You have to find a program that you can make the money you have dreamed about and stay focused on that program until you do. You have to have the attitude that you are helping others. Yes, the money is nice and great to make but help others. Help your parents, your children, your friends, and the people who will ask you about this. Help the family down the street that is down and out and show them how they can make the money to get them out of the mess they are in now. It is your job and your responsibility in life to help anyone and everyone you can. Help them become what they have only imagined, what they have only dreamed about in their life and more importantly help them be in a position that they can help others. That my friend is what internet marketing and life is all about, that is what it should truly be and if it’s not then you either need to change it or get out of it altogether.

My name is Charles E. White and my goal in life is to help you while I am here, to accomplish every goal you have and them some. I am not going to babysit you, I am not going to do it for you but I am going to show you how you can make more money than you ever dreamed possible and live the life that has been a dream for you and show you where you can get the training to do it. Yes, you will have obstacles, you will have rough times, but they will all make your stronger and be a learning experience for you. One thing I do know for sure, if you stick to it and stay focused, you can make it. The main thing out of all this is when you are making the money and living the life you have dreamed about… help others so they can live their dream too! Now, that is what internet marketing is all about and what is should be!