The majority of today’s astute online business owners are aware of the importance of a website monitoring service to a website’s uptime success. In the realm of e-commerce, every single second of downtime translates into lost revenue. Depending on how many sales your internet business generates, you may lose a certain amount of money every minute, but any lost money is excessive if it’s money that could have been made instead.

When you have a website monitoring service in place, you are alerted as soon as there is a website outage, which allows you to start working on getting your site back online as soon as possible. By identifying the performance issues that typically indicate that downtime is imminent, a good website monitor solution may occasionally even be able to prevent downtime from occurring. However, some internet firms are unaware that website monitoring services can genuinely assist you in preserving your search engine ranks as well as safeguarding your company’s income. There are a few things you need to take into account if you previously believed that website monitoring services were just useful for preventing unneeded downtime.

Protecting Your Rankings on Search Engines

Before search engine algorithms evolved, webmasters used to worry a lot that their website might not be accessible when Google scanned it once a month. Search engine rankings can be permanently lost if the website was unavailable when the monthly bot crawl was carried out. Thankfully, that is no longer the case, but prolonged downtime can still ruin the search engine rankings you have worked so hard to achieve—and probably spent a lot of money on.

Instead than just crawling websites once a month anymore, Googlebot now regularly evaluates them. When the Googlebot scans a site, if it is unavailable, it doesn’t always indicate that the site will immediately fall in the search engine ranks. However, if a site is persistently slow to respond, goes down for a few weeks, or the bot encounters performance issues or other difficulties frequently, your search rankings will indeed suffer. Particularly in regard to “twerking” websites (sites that repeatedly go up and down so quickly it may not be readily apparent that the site is experiencing significant amounts of downtime without a website monitoring service in place). Google does not want to send its users to websites where they are likely to have a bad user experience, therefore this is why. Due to this, it is more crucial than ever to make sure that your site is not just up and working normally when it is up, but also that it does not experience excessive amounts of downtime. Your hard-earned search engine rankings may indeed vanish if you don’t keep an eye on and ensure the uptime and performance of your website.

Saving Grace: Website Monitoring Service

Having a top-notch website monitoring service in place and keeping a keen check on your company’s website are the only ways to pinpoint the precise nature of any downtime and performance issues your site may be experiencing. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 60 minutes per hour. Your website monitoring service will notify you if your site is suffering downtime or performance issues so you can decide what needs to be done to ensure they are appropriately addressed. Website monitoring services are one of the few website services that can actually more than pay for themselves in the tangible results they provide, even though the best website monitoring services are typically not free when you consider how much they can save in lost profits and the way these services protect your SEO and search ranking investments.