So how exactly can you separate the real digital marketing pros from the guy who took an HTML course in the 90’s that can “build” a website? You’ll want to look for telltale signs of quality, experience, and innovation.

Here are the key things you should look at when evaluating a digital marketing firm:

Experience (Past work, case studies, etc.)
Current work
Work they’ve done for themselves
Innovativeness and ability to adapt


One of the most obvious things you want to check out before hiring a digital marketing firm, or any company for that matter, is to look at their experience. Now, we’re not saying that the business has to have been around since the roaring twenties. In fact, most digital marketing firms will be relatively new.

The experience we are talking about, is the work they’ve done in the recent past. Do your homework and review their cases studies, clients, and ask questions about if these projects or campaigns reached their goals.

Current Work

While past work is a good barometer as to how talented a firm is, the past is the past. Things can change quickly, especially within the digital world.

While a form case study may not have been constructed yet, ask the firm if there is any current work being produced that you can view. You may be directed to a current client’s social media or a new produced website.

This will allow you to see if their case studies were a bunch of fluff or the real deal.

The Work They’ve Done for Themselves

You can tell a lot about a company based on the materials they’ve created for themselves. Do they have an active blog or social media? Do they even have social media? Does it look like their website has been updated within the past few years? Have they created any extra content to help promote themselves? Are employees actively representing their company on LinkedIn? Meaning, are their profiles updated to say “Jane Doe is a Digital Marketing Coordinator with The Firm”.

All of these questions help to identify how up-to-date the firm stays when it comes to promoting themselves.

Innovativeness and Ability to Adapt

This can go somewhat hand in hand with how current the firm’s website or their clients’ sites are. Are they using current design methods, SEO best practices, and cool new features such as parallax sites?

If you ask them about a particular project you want completed, pay attention to their response. Not just what they say, but their reactions. The attitude of a strong digital marketing firm is “can do and will do”. The attitude you don’t want to come across is, “well that might be tough, we can try to do this but… “. Abandon ship.

A true, quality digital marketing firm will always find a way. There is no limit to their capabilities and they will find the resources necessary to produce whatever it is that you need. A parallax website, a customer database, a mobile app, user logins, etc. Nothing is out of the question.


In conclusion, do your homework. Don’t settle on the first Google search result for “digital marketing firm”.

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