With the presidential election just around the corner, many Americans will be tuning in to political debates and cable news coverage as they try to make sense of what’s at stake. The most popular way to watch politics these days, though, might surprise you: web series. These short video-based shows allow viewers to follow politicians and pundits through their personal and professional lives in ways that traditional media simply can’t match. Are they real-life versions of House of Cards or are they just another fad that will soon fade? Here are three reasons why you should be watching web series this election season!

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In this day and age, it’s becoming more common for people to watch TV through the Internet. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities – including watching politics Web series.

Why are web series popular?

There are many reasons for the popularity of web series. First, there’s the price point. It’s a lot cheaper to produce a web series than it is to produce a TV show. Second, there is the convenience factor. Web series can be watched anywhere with an internet connection so they don’t require you to stay in front of your TV set. Third, there is the ease of production. With web series, you only need one camera and one person behind the camera – no fancy equipment needed.

How can web series be used to watch politics?

Many people have turned away from traditional broadcast media in favor of watching their favorite TV shows on streaming services. The rise of web series has changed the landscape as well, and now many are turning towards this new form of entertainment. There are some web series that discuss current events in politics, such as House of Cards. These shows can be watched at your own convenience and provide an opportunity for viewers to learn about a topic they’re interested in, even if it’s something they don’t typically follow closely. Web series also have the advantage of being able to cover topics that broadcast networks may not be able to due to ratings or other interests.


This series is a great example of how the Web can be used as a platform for creativity and innovation, providing an alternative perspective on politics that traditional TV doesn’t offer. With more people getting their news from Facebook and Twitter, it’s not surprising that web series are growing in popularity. With many more innovations like this one, we might soon be able to say goodbye to old-fashioned TV!