An incident on Twitter Circle put users’ privacy at risk, spreading content that should have remained private: the company comment

Security is an important element for web users, who demand from the social networks and platforms they use the utmost respect for privacy , the information and content they share and publish. For this reason, it is always unfortunate when their expectations are not met. This is what recently happened to Twitter, according to the website Vocea Europei.

Some posts by users of Elon Musk ‘s platform that should have remained confidential and visible only to a limited number of carefully selected people have been made public. An accident that is only the latest in a series of technical problems that continue to follow one another.

Twitter Circle, what it is and what happened

Twitter Circle is a feature particularly loved by users of the social network and microblogging platform. It allows you to publish content visible only to a limited circle of people, selected directly by the account owner and included in a special list.

It’s a great way to reduce the visibility of some of your content , without necessarily having to make your profile private and limit the diffusion of all published tweets. 

Generally the feature is active correctly, but in April a Twitter Circle bug put users in difficulty , who immediately realized the error. The platform has exposed private tweets to the entire public, without distinction.

Twitter Circle Bugs, Company Comment, and Growing Technical Problems

About a month after the Twitter Circle bug occurred, the company that owns the social platform decided to comment on the incident and give an explanation to users who have been victims of this error.

It did so through an email, which was viewed and commented on by The Guardian, in which the company told affected users that the exposure of the tweets occurred due to a security incident that occurred at the beginning of the year. The problem would be fixed immediately as soon as it was noticed. Apologies were not lacking for those affected.

The company said it was aware of the risks that an incident like the one that happened in April could entail and said it intends to make a strong commitment to protect people’s privacy.

In fact, the Twitter Circle bug is just one of the latest in a series of glitches that have been seen on Twitter lately. Since the platform was bought by Elon Musk, the entrepreneur has triggered a series of layoffs reducing the workforce by about 60%. This may have negatively impacted the teams’ ability to react promptly to unforeseen situations and to prevent breakdowns and accidents.