Approximately 50,000 products, including anything from apparel to dietary supplements, have been made using this adaptable plant. The plant has been grown for a very long time and is very sustainable. Despite the fact that there is no portion of the hemp plant that may be used as a drug, the hemp plant is currently classified as a drug and made illegal under the Controlled Substance Act. cbd oil

One of the first plants that humans cultivated was the hemp plant. As a civilization, we have the ability to remove radioactive waste from the soil, eliminate haze from current fuels, develop a cleaner energy source to replace nuclear power, and clear the sky of smog in more industrialised places. By resurrecting Henry Ford’s century-old goal of producing cars from hemp, the hemp plant might help eliminate non-biodegradable plastics and automobiles. These might be produced from a plastic hemp material that can withstand blows ten times as powerful as those that would dent steel. It would be lighter and more fuel-efficient than steel and weigh hundreds of pounds less. The vehicle’s body would be entirely biodegradable and could run on natural hemp fuel made from vegetable oil.

The use of hemp paper instead of conventional paper could end deforestation nationwide. Compared to our present wood pulp, which can only be recycled up to three times, hem paper can be recycled up to eight times. By consuming hemp seeds and feeding them to our pets and livestock, we could live happily.

Studies have demonstrated that the biomass of hemp can be used to produce energy and displace the fossil fuels we now use. This may be accomplished by cultivating just 6% of the cropland in the United States. Using hemp cultivated in biomass might power a $1 trillion per year market. More jobs would be created, the air would be cleaned, and income would be distributed to local communities rather than concentrated power monopolies. For a fraction of what it now costs to produce oil, coal, or nuclear energy, hemp’s biomass may be transformed into gasoline, methanol, and methane. The scent of french fries is produced when biodiesel is used in a diesel engine in place of petroleum. Biodiesel includes no sulphur and 11% oxygen by weight. Thus, it creates 11% oxygen as opposed to the byproducts of sulfur-based smog and acid rain.

Industrial Hemp, which is hemp produced under government control and supervision, has a maximum THC concentration of 0.03 percent. Examples of nations that have never outlawed industrial hemp production while also sustainably cultivating, manufacturing, and profiting from it include Canada, China, and England.

Despite the fact that industrial hemp has almost 50,000 uses, political propaganda was used by the likes of the Duponts, Rockefellers, Hearsts, Mellons, and their supporters to control the industrial and medical markets. To further their own monetary and personal interests, all four of these incredibly wealthy families collaborated to support the outlawing of hemp.

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