I am about to provide you with what I consider to be the most important marketing secrets you can ever discover. These concepts must form the foundation of your marketing efforts if you are serious about becoming as successful as you can possibly be in your chosen business.

You Must Identify Your Market

It all starts with market research. If you fail to correctly identify your market, you will be doomed to certain failure. Contrary to what some people might tell you, it is not enough to simply follow your passion. This is simple economics. There must be a market demand for your idea.

Besides making sure that there is a demand for your idea, you also need to ensure that you have selected a very specific market. You can’t afford to be broad. It is not enough to say that you are going to target the fitness market.

Are you going to target people who want to build muscle or people who just want to lose weight? Are you going to pursue people who want to learn how to eat right or people who want six-pack abs? The more specific you make your search, the higher your chances are of success.

The best way to make sure that there is a market for your idea is to conduct keyword research. There are many tools that you can use online to do precisely this. This way you will be able to identify if enough people are searching for the solution you intend to offer.

You can also visit forums which are related to your chosen business to find out what the masses are talking about. This will give you a full picture regarding what kind of market solution you can provide your target market.

Create The Presentation

After you have determined your target market, you now want to prepare your presentation, and this means that you must build a website with a powerful sales message. One secret I am going to give you is to avoid talking about the features of what you are going to offer, and instead focus on the benefits.

People don’t buy exercise equipment. Instead, they buy a nice looking body. People don’t buy anti-aging cream. Instead, they buy youth and beauty. I think you get the idea. Focus on how your product or service if going to improve the lives of your potential clients.

Generate The Traffic

You next have to generate traffic to your offer. However, it can’t be just any traffic. It must be targeted traffic. If you are offering beds, you don’t want visitors who are looking for couches. This is just common sense.

Thankfully, I remind you once again that you can utilize the power of keyword research. By determining the appropriate keywords that your prospects will use, you can create a perfect marketing plan that brings you highly targeted individuals.

One last thing I want to mention regarding traffic is that you must not forget to capture as much of that traffic as you can onto an opt-in list. Most people will not buy from you on the first visit, so make sure that you collect as many e-mails and names as possible. Once you build a huge list, you will be able to monetize it in a big way.

Your Backend Products

The truth is that you will not get rich off of the first product you offer. In fact, your first product is mostly just created to generate leads. I recommend you offer some kind of free e-book as your first offer in exchange for your visitor’s contact information.

Once you build a list, you will now start to offer additional products, and this constitutes your backend system. For example, after people download your free e-book, you can then add a second complementary product for which you will charge a reasonable amount, thus generating you profits.

You also want to make sure that you add products in your follow-up series of e-mails which offer a recurring and residual income. A good example of this would be some type of membership site which pays you month after month. The point of having a backend system of sales is that you will be able to truly maximize your profit potential.

The Final Component: Duplication

The last magical ingredient is duplication. Once you have set up an automated sales funnel for your chosen market using the power of the internet, your goal should be to repeat the process in other markets, thus creating multiple streams of income.

It is multiple streams of income that are going to give you the kind of lifestyle which is possible with internet marketing. The great part is that, because of the power of automation provided to you by the internet, you can create as many income streams as you wish.

In Conclusion

Memorize and master these 5 amazing marketing principles. Once you religiously follow these concepts, you will be able to take your business to levels you never thought possible. Equipped with this impeccable knowledge, you will reach the top of any business venture you choose to pursue.