Of course you want to be healthy and fit! Who doesn’t? But are you always motivated and willing to do what you need to do to create health and fitness?

Are you motivated to:

Regularly do the workout or exercise your body needs to get and stay fit?

Eat the foods you need to get and stay healthy?

Avoid the foods that erode health and fitness?

Keep on learning about what creates health and fitness?

Or, do you find yourself:

Procrastinating going to the gym or doing other forms of exercise?

Eating sugar and other junk food?

Avoiding even knowing that you are responsible for your health and fitness?

Procrastinating and resisting are ways that you might have learned to avoid feelings that you believe you cannot manage.

Why Did We Learn to Resist and Procrastinate?

Many of us grew up with parents or other caregivers who did not know how to love us in the way we needed to be loved. Not feeling loved is deeply lonely and heartbreaking to a small child. These feelings of loneliness and heartbreak, along with feeling helpless over getting the love we needed or avoiding the disapproval or punishment we could not handle, led us to learn to protect against these very painful feelings. We all learned many ways of protecting. You might have learned to protect by:

Withdrawing, numbing out, dissociating

Getting angry, blaming, having temper tantrums

Turning to food, alcohol or drugs

Turning to TV, the computer, gaming

Turning to sex, pornography

Turning to over-achieving

Becoming a “good” child – complying, giving yourself up

Judging and shaming yourself

Resisting and procrastinating

These are just a few of the many ways you might have learned to protect against pain. Stop for a moment and think about what you do to avoid pain in your life.

One of the major experiences that many of us had as children is that numerous adults tried to control us. Parents, teachers, religious leaders, siblings, friends – there may have been many people in your life who tried to control you with their judgments, criticisms, punishments, threats, withdrawal of love, invasiveness or violence. You might have experienced various levels of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse that was deeply hurtful, terrifying and traumatizing to you.

Or, you might have had parents or others caregivers who tried to be kind to you, but were unloving to themselves. They might have treated themselves badly – being addicted to food, drugs, alcohol, TV, anger, compliance and so on. For better or worse, they were your role models for self-care.

The problem is that all the ways these people treated you or themselves, and all the ways you learned to protect against pain, got programmed into your brain – your wounded self. Our wounded self comes into being to protect against the pain we cannot manage as we grow up. This is the part that is filled with many false beliefs about who we are and about what we can and cannot control.

Let’s say that you wake up early, having decided the night before that you will definitely go to the gym this morning, but you end up not going – again.

What Is Happening Here?

What may be happening is that one part of your programmed wounded self – maybe an adolescent part who believes that it can control you through judgment – has been saying in a determined and parental voice, “I HAVE to get to the gym this morning,” or “I SHOULD go to the gym right now!”

Another part of your wounded self may kick in – a younger part who learned to resist being controlled by your parents or other important adults in your life. This younger part says, “I don’t have to do what you say. You are not the boss of me.”

Now you have an internal power struggle, with one part of your wounded self trying to have control through self-judgment and another part of your wounded self resisting being controlled. This inner power struggle creates a sense of immobilization, resulting in you not making it to the gym, and then perhaps feeling even more judgmental toward yourself.

Is There a Way Out of Procrastination and Resistance?

The way out is to develop your loving adult self. The loving adult is the part of you who comes into being when you shift your intention from protecting to learning. The wounded self is always intent on protecting against pain with some form of controlling behavior, which is what creates all the problems. The intention of the loving adult is to learn about what is loving to you, and then to take loving action in your behalf. The loving adult is who you are when your intent is to learn about loving yourself with a personal source of spiritual Guidance – your own higher self, your concept of God, a guardian angel, a spirit guide, an energy of love, or an inner wise self. Practicing Inner Bonding teaches you how to connect with your personal source of Guidance and develop your loving adult.

When your loving adult is in charge rather than your wounded self, then you are able to take the actions that support your highest good. Instead of telling yourself that you HAVE to or SHOULD go to the gym, you tune into what you WANT to do and what is loving to you. Perhaps you really like going to the gym but you just don’t want to be controlled by your judgmental wounded self. Or perhaps working out at the gym is not something you love to do and you would much rather dance or skateboard or play tennis or run or bike or hike. It is far easier and more loving to yourself to do what you love to do, rather than what you think you have to do.

The more you practice being a loving adult, the more you establish new neural pathways in your brain for taking loving care of yourself.

If you are resisting or procrastinating, you might want to establish a devoted Inner Bonding process tomorrow learn how to develop your loving adult, so that you can stay on the path of being healthy and fit.
This is preventative medicine, which provides lots of added benefits to aid you in the very long operate as opposed to being short-sighted and building lots of wellbeing troubles you don’t need.

In brief, however many distinct behaviors contribute to lowering your cholesterol this sort of as a balanced diet and training, probiotics these as kefir grains as an addition to your each day food intake will aid you in this endeavor and provide several other rewards to your wellness as effectively.

The miraculous health and fitness grain well-known as kombucha, tibicos, and kifir in distinct components of the planet is slowly currently being rediscovered. Kefir-as most individuals know the white, grainy matrix of lipids, yeast, and bacteria- is the top secret key to great wellbeing. The kefir overall health positive aspects consist of not only taking care of your insides but also your body’s external parts.

Recognized to have originated from the Caucasus area, people today have considered that “possessing” kefir grains are a signal of wealth. People today during those times must have taken the stating “health is wealth” to heart due to the fact they guard their supply of kefir grains with their lives. And simply because you only need a batch of kefir grains to final you a lifetime, there is no require to replenish your supply as fermented kefir grains maintain on reproducing.

The phrase “kefir” is the most suitable word to explain the miracle grain. Originating from the Turkish phrase kief-which indicates very good feeling, the kefir health and fitness benefits will absolutely make you feel fantastic inside of and out. Kefir by natural means has antibiotic and antifungal properties that treat familiar as properly as uncommon disorders. It is unimaginable that some thing so basic-wanting could be a weapon from illness. From head to foot, not even sparing your brain from its gains, kefir really is the miracle treatment.

Irrespective of these qualities, taking kefir has no side results. Due to the fact of the lively great bacteria and useful yeast, they can immediately ruin the harmful components by swiftly propagating. It also strengthens one’s immune method and is a all-natural power-booster so there’s no require for you too invest also much on health dietary supplements and vitality drinks.

Most of the kefir wellness advantages could be credited to the combination of calcium found from milk. The nutrients from the milk heighten the presently sturdy effects of kefir by itself. Consuming milk kefir nourishes your hair, treats gum illnesses and strengthens your bones. Kefir prevents bone ailments these kinds of as osteoporosis. So if you’re nervous about your crackling bones, make certain to check out this wonder food and see the variance in a week’s span.

Kefir wellbeing gains include things like taking care of your skin. Which includes kefir in your diet plan prevents acne, psoriasis and even wrinkles. Becoming a pure anti-oxidant, kefir keeps you youthful-seeking and would make your pores and skin glow with well being.

Practically nothing spells beautiful extra than staying healthy and all-natural-wanting. Just by taking your daily dose of kefir, you are preserving yourself absent from individuals ineffective skin merchandise that can sometimes damage your skin more.

A different an individual of the kefir health and fitness gains is its brain-enhancement capacity.

Now that you know about me you can check out kefir and sense totally free to be healthy. Staying healthy and balanced is what tends to make the use of kefir so good.

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