It is more crucial than ever to make your real estate listings “pop out” in today’s cutthroat markets. Today, more than 85% of purchasers use the internet to look for the house or property of their dreams. Whether you work as a developer, broker, or agent, high-quality Real Estate Photography is swiftly rising to the top of our list of essential marketing strategies.

One individual may do a lot of the “hard lifting” for their clients as a fresh start-up in the real estate photography industry. You may now capture high-quality photos of real estate listings by collaborating with a web-based platform, and you have the freedom to provide several tiers (or packages) of services to your clients. This greatly improves work flow while maintaining high standards of quality.

Let’s face it, point-and-shoot cameras are frequently used by amateurs to take real estate listing images. Everyone has seen them. And perhaps you’ve decided to sell your properties using that strategy. The ability to incorporate an agency’s own “branding” in their virtual tours for a very affordable price (usually under $20) is what distinguishes the “professional” from the competition in addition to having excellent photos. The web-based virtual tour platform gives aspiring real estate photographers a quick and easy way to produce and publish high-quality real estate listings for the industry. It features unlimited high definition photos, support for panoramas, and agent-specific branding.

Your clients may also update names and descriptions (“ceramic tile throughout”), rearrange slide show photos, check current statistics, set up RSS feeds, download images in numerous sizes, and more using a self-service client interface. Customers benefit from features like automated publishing to Facebook and Twitter accounts and syndication options that make their virtual tours compatible with MLS and other major real estate portals. Even voice-over narrations and the ability to add your own music to slide exhibitions are supported by some virtual tour hosts. What a cool thing!

The days of a real estate agent or broker uploading a few photographs to their website and expecting to attract potential clients are long gone. In addition to being technologically aware, today’s consumers are also increasingly visual, glossing past shoddy visuals in favour of those that capture their interest and hold it. This idea can be used by even a relative “newbie” to make it simpler for the agent or broker to showcase their properties to the world in the best way possible. Consider including “High Dynamic Range” (often referred to as “HDR”) shots in premium packages. With little additional work, HDR produces remarkable results and enables a photographer to give very high quality for a small charge.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal story, listings with better images outperform listings with photos using point-and-click cameras at the closing table by anywhere from $934 and $116,076 (as determined by the difference between the asking and final price). Additionally, the statistics demonstrated that listings with attractive photographs attract greater online attention. Despite this, just 15% of listings use more expensive photography. Even at the top end, this is true. The WSJ also discovered that more than half of listings priced at $1 million or more were taken with budget cameras. A void there is just begging to be filled.

Yes, anyone with a camera can upload images to a website. You can differentiate yourself from the competition by offering distinctive services at a reasonable cost. It seems to be a winning formula for selling real estate.