Marketing! Any kind of Network Online or Offline Marketing, but most of all a proven system to begin creating income immediately…

Network Online Marketing is not something we have done all our lives. Furthermore, doing so on a regular basis to create an income flow requires time and money. Are you aware of the missing link they don’t tell us about?

Have you had troubles in a Network or Multi Level Marketing company? Tell me if these experiences sound familiar to you…

Network Marketing Trial #1

In the early ’90’s I was introduced to A.L. Williams (Primerica), I was introduced to a man who wanted to come to my house to read my life insurance policy. Now I thought either this guy was the smartest home burglar or he knew something I really needed to know. And since he certainly looked bright enough I invited him in. He read my policy and highlighted all the flaws in my policy that clearly showed me that I was getting a program that was not going to perform for me! Yup, when I die they kept my savings! which offset the face value of my policy so I was slowly self-insuring myself! Get it? I did. If I lived I would get a whopping 2% interest on my money. Holy smokes was I mad! I asked him if all the policies worked like this and he said “yup”, they may have different names but they all worked pretty much the same.

Wow! Not only did I want to buy more face value term insurance but stash the difference I saved where ever I wanted! And to my amazement I could go out and show others this same no brainer and make money! Again Wow! Who would say no to that! I’m in!

Well after many presentations later I found that this wasn’t so easy. People really wanted to stay in that bad product because their pastor, brother or best friend sold it to them, and of course “they wouldn’t lie!” Would they? Funny, we even went to the extent to invite the pastor, brother or brother to the presentation and IF they showed up they didn’t even know that it worked in that fashion either. And guess what? They all would just stay in the policy and say “can’t be true”.

So we would run out of the house so we wouldn’t catch what they had. Funny now but this form of marketing didn’t pay the bills. Within many months I made a few hundred dollars selling term insurance policies but, spent all I my income doing meetings at the local business center. Awesome idea! Totally truthful! I must just be the worst sales person in the world! So I’ll just keep my J-O-B.

Network Marketing Trial #2

Here I am years later and my J-O-B. not producing me a million dollars and behold another gentleman showed me how I could lose my 30 pound gut in 30 days guaranteed! Gullible me, prove it I said! And it worked! Doing nothing more than the plan, take the shakes and supplements, Herbalife helped me lose 29 pounds in thirty days! Close enough to 30 pounds for me, lots of people MUST be taking advantage of this magic stuff right? Oh yes, he says, just talk to anyone that fogs a mirror and needs to lose 30 pounds and it sells itself AND people want to join. I’m in!

And the same song started to play again. I must not be a good salesman! AGAIN here I am again sick and tired of being sick and tired. I work my fingers to the bone only to hit the glass ceiling in wages, have an owner that only wants to do it his way and now I’m going nowhere. Of course silly! It’s his business; he can do anything he wants to do! If you want to do what you want then get your own!

Now I’m looking for an opportunity so I can be a business owner.

Network Marketing Trial #3

So guess what? The network marketing opportunity knocks again only this one’s different! Yes! They got tons of products, nothing I have to put in my garage, use some of it myself and others use mine too and a website to sell it all with! This is it I going to the top this time! Fortune-High-Marketing has the greatest idea ever, your life with a paycheck!

All I have to do is get some friends and family that believe in me…this begins to work but the warm market starts to shrink and I reach out to my upline once again.”Hey upline! What do I do if my market is cold?” Answer: “Get a mirror, use the phonebook, if they are within 3 feet grab ’em and get them in front of my presentation and I’ll close them for you!

Yup you guessed it. I must really, really be bad at selling anything. I must be destined to stay in the mechanic shop.

But is it really me? I follow directions and work the market as they teach me, isn’t that enough? Aren’t there more folks making money in network online marketing than any other industry? Sure there is. So why not me? I’m a hard worker, what the difference?

Huge warm market, tons of luck or a great system! Well my huge warm market never has been huge. I’m not the luckiest guy in the world. So, what does all those great products have in common? No marketing system for the common person with tons of desire. You see the product company makes it big in volume. If I fail the companies still make money and the 2% that can make it longterm builds it.

So what is the answer? A real business needs a marketing plan, do you have one for yours?

In conclusion, if each of these companies knew how to online market their products they wouldn’t need online marketers, they would just place it in a Big Box store and watch it sell off the shelf. But it’s really not that easy. As a business owner if my business is failing I need to find a solution and I was missing a marketing system. A system that worked in any market. I’m not a bad sales person! The products are not the problem! The lack of a Network Online Marketing system was the problem! Click here for a walk through and join the team that gets you heard. Craig M. Emerson with CME Global Marketing is coaching network marketers in systems that create success.