The following network marketing tips are not going to be at all like you’ve heard before today.

Network Marketing Tips is a phrase that I believe is used way too freely, so I just wanted to advise you in advance that this won’t be anything like the typical tips your upline has given you. I believe there is a ton of jokers online that are only out to make a sale, which is why they tend to forget to add in any valuable content, which results in them almost always spinning their wheels. Getting started in the multilevel marketing industry is one of the best business decisions that I’ve made in my entire life. That is even before I found out that network marketing has produced more millionaires than any other industry in the world and the numbers are ever-increasing despite of the down economy.

Having said that, a large segment of network marketers never make any real cash because they’re never trained how to effectively market and brand themselves. So, consequently they chase their friends and family or even get sucked into paying for leads and they sooner or later run out of money and people to talk to about their business. I know from experience that if you understand particular strategies and know what landmines to steer clear of before you get started, you can be successful beyond imagination in this industry.

Network Marketing Tips – 10 Deadly Landmines Uncovered

Maybe you’re thinking, “What do landmines have to do with network marketing tips?” I’m sure you know that even if you try to dash full speed across a field that has landmines hidden in it, they are still going to explode. But if another person goes across the field initially and survives to describe to you where all the landmines are, you will stand a lot better chance of making it across successfully. Correct?

Now that being said, I’m going to go ahead and share some network marketing tips that changed my business and my life forever…

Top 10 Landmines That You Need To Avoid In Network Marketing – Tips To Grow By

1. The Comparison Bomb – This means company comparisons, compensation plan comparisons and even comparing yourself and your situation to the Top Earners that you may respect. You are where you’re suppose to be at this point in your life, so let’s move forward.

2. The Numerous Streams Of Income Bomb – First, let me clear this one up because I’m a big advocate of multiple streams of income, but I felt it was important to add this to my list of network marketing tips. I’ve met marketers that try to work 2 different companies at the same time and they haven’t even gotten the first one off the ground yet. F.O.C.U.S (Follow One Course Until Successful)!

3. The Multi Tasking Bomb – Simply put, “Everybody can multi-task, but no one can multi-focus.” Just find that thing that you’re passionate about, put your head down and go to work.

4. The Lender Bomb – Never pay for anyone to get in. PERIOD! I’ve never seen anyone pay for a person to get in the business that did anything. When men and women feel they have something at stake then they will work harder than if they have nothing to lose.

5. The Product Guru Bomb – You do not have to be an expert in this business. Most people get caught up doing research in their back office and online and they never do anything productive. It can also scare representatives off if they associate pain with have to learn all of the same knowledge that you have learned. “Ignorance on Fire, Always Beat Knowledge On Ice!!”

6. The Best Friends & Members of the Family Bomb – In network marketing, tips like this one is going to save you a lot of frustration. Your friends and family are not a market. Save your friends and family for later and focus more on networking, building relationships and turning cold market prospects into warm market and that’s very easy. Your warm market is reps that will warm up to you once they see y’all have something in common.

7. Networking Events Bomb – This is going out to networking events just to close individuals into your business on the spot. Networking events are to get business cards and then follow up within 24-48 hours.

8. The Info Overload Bomb – Too Much Information!! This kills 97% of new home business owners. Just build curiosity by only exposing prospects to information that is calculated to get them excited.

9. The Tip Toe Bomb – Please don’t waste your time with representatives that are not ready to hit the ground running. They use language like, “I’m Trying To…,” “I’m Gone Give It A Shot,” ” I Hope,” and the list goes on.

10. The Secret Shortcut Bomb – Multi-level Marketing is The Shortcut! 3-5 years of Hard work! There are no other possibilities. The Good News is “Full Time is 2 Hours Per Day, 5 Days Per Week (if you do it right).” This is perhaps the most important on this list of network marketing tips.