I frequently hear the question, “Do you have any kind of simple blueprint that we could use to become successful in affiliate marketing?”

Yes, I do and I will explain it in a moment using a very short, but true story. First, however, I want you to get a feel for the opportunities made available to you, the average person by affiliate marketing.

Remember this:

Certainly, you can build a business for yourself online in virtually any field you choose. Gone are the days of getting huge loans, taking massive chances and having no way of knowing if you would succeed when you wanted to start a bricks and mortar business. The internet, coupled with affiliate marketing, allows you to build risk free, at your own pace and doing it revolving around a subject you know well and love. This can be sweeter than the sweetest wine to the palate of someone ambitious. This can make your dreams come true.

Unfortunately, the world of internet marketing is full of deceit and misleading statements made by so called gurus. These people leave me with the feeling that I have just bitten into a large onion. If you have fallen for some of the tactics of the shell game artists, don’t feel bad. Most of us have. If you haven’t succeeded, it’s not your fault.

They make it sound so horribly complicated and exotic that it seems nobody but them can succeed, If something in you has been stirring and starting to wonder if this really is something you can do, that you are as qualified as anyone else and that, certainly, you can make this happen if you applied yourself, then you have gotten the right idea. If success on the internet is the main course, your sense of satisfaction will taste like your favorite desert!

If you are like me, doubt and fear leave you tense and anxious. If this is the case with you, take a deep breath and relax. Feel a warm breeze on your cheek, hear the gentle shushing of the waves on the beach and smell the ocean as you kick back and give yourself a break.

We are about to crush the shell games, blow away the smoke and clear the minefields set up by the gurus. We will take a laser focused, sniper’s aim at your concerns and fears and point to you a safe and proven way to make your dreams come true in a business you love.
My Easy, 4 Step, Quick Start Guide To Affiliate Marketing

A true story will explain how affiliate marketing can put anyone on the internet map.

Shelly always wanted to be on her own, to be free of bosses, long commutes and the financial uncertainties of the world. Her greatest reason was that she wanted to be home for her 2 little girls before they started school and even beyond. She remembered how nice it had been to have mom making supper when she and her siblings came home from school.

There would usually be bread baking and the smell of meat frying. She wanted to give the same gift to her kids as her husband went out and did his best to earn for the family.

She was a registered nurse by trade, Having heard of some people making money online, she started doing research. Is this something she could do?

One of the first things she learned was that it was best to build a business around something that you loved. As a nurse, she had always loved helping the old people the most.

Step 1: She decided on what she would like to have as the main theme of her business. The next things she had to learn were:

How to build a website properly,
How to plan what the site would be about.
How to choose the proper wording to attract free traffic from the search engines.
This didn’t take her very long to master. It isn’t rocket science, just mostly common sense.

Step 2: She had to have something to sell. She had originally thought of having books for sale or maybe webinars on elderly care.

She quickly learned about affiliate marketing. What this boils down to is that she could become like a commission saleswoman for companies she had signed up for as an affiliate.

She would attract visitors to her site, Her information rich pages would help and inform them about whatever they came looking for and then she could make recommendations about products or services she knew were good and would be of benefit to them

To her amazement, she found that most companies have affiliate programs and that it was free and easy to join. Their commissions varied a lot, however.

She decided that she would first become an affiliate for Amazon. There was no shortage of things she could sell and they had great affiliate training courses.

Step 3: Shelly started her site dealing with senior’s issues in her spare time. Before long, the search engines started sending organic (free) traffic to her site. Her little business grew quickly, but she saw that very few people were buying.

She learned about email marketing. It basically involves sending emails out to people who had agreed to sign up for her newsletters. People found her newsletters thoughtful, information rich and of high value.

Her site started making some money.

Step 4: Rinse and repeat. She got the hang of how all this worked so she focused on growing her site with helpful new sections on seniors’ nutrition, seniors’ mechanical aids like the best walkers and so forth.

Her email marketing list kept growing as did her traffic and profits. She slowly expanded her collection of companies to be affiliated with. One company that made really high quality wheelchairs became her favorite so she focused more and more on their products.

As an affiliate for any company, she doesn’t have to handle anything to do with the products. She attracts people to her site, gives them good information and recommendations and sends them to the different companies for the final sale.

If a visitor buys, she gets a commission and they do everything else. She never has to ship anything, deal with employees or customer service. Nothing.

Before long, Shelly was home full time with her little girls and will be till she decides to go back to work if she ever does. There is a lot to be said for working from the kitchen table surrounded by the mouth watering smells of bread baking and the earthy scent of freshly cut grass from the outside.

What is the most amazing thing for her is that she and her family live 5 miles from the nearest town and 30 miles from the nearest city, yet she could build a business and prosper from her rural location.