If you’re ready to take your network marketing business to the next level and make the kind of money the heavy hitters in the industry make, then you’re going to need to learn all you can about MLM marketing.

There’s just no way around it.


Because if you don’t have an MLM marketing system in place that is tailor made to attract new leads around the clock (yes, even while you sleep), then you’re not in the game.

You’re on the sidelines, watching the big leaguers play, maybe wondering what it’s going to take to get you out there on the field with them.

The good news is, the field is a big one, and it’s wide open.

MLM Marketing: 7 Secret Strategies the Heavy Hitters Use

Here’s the thing about MLM marketing: Once you know how to do it – and have a good system in place – success finds you.

In this article, I’d like to show you how to can use the MLM strategies that all major online producers use to attract 100 (or more) free MLM leads every day to your business.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But wait… there’s more.

Because I’m also going to show you a way to make money even if those leads don’t join your network marketing opportunity (because the truth of this industry is that the majority of them won’t).

So if you’re ready to get in there and make something happen, let’s jump into the secrets.

MLM Marketing Secret #1: The Pros Know the Difference Between MLM Marketing and MLM Prospecting

This is a simple distinction that the majority of network marketing business owners don’t know to make. But once you get it, it will change the way you do business (for good, and forever).

In MLM prospecting, you’re the one making the first contact to see is a person might want to learn more about your products, your company or your opportunity. Which means that, in prospecting, you face a lot of rejection, because while people love to buy, they hate to be sold to.

Raise your hand if this sounds like fun to you.

Now, raise your hand if, like me, you’d rather stick pins in your eyes.

(Drama much? But you get the idea…)

Good news: With MLM marketing, you attract people who have jumped online in search of a solution to a problem that they’re facing. For instance, your prospect is looking to leave a job, or has been laid off and needs to generate income, or is heading into retirement and isn’t financially prepared, etc. Position yourself and your opportunity as a solution to the problem, and prospects will naturally be drawn to you.

MLM Marketing Secret #2: If You Don’t Have Leads, You Don’t Have Game

The only way you’re going to make money in this industry is by building a list of qualified leads that you can network and build a relationship with over time. Will all of them join your opportunity? Some will, pretty much from the get-go. Others may, over time. And then there are some that will never join. But if you understand that it’s a numbers game and make it your primary goal to keep building your list, your business will continue to grow.

MLM Marketing Secret #3: It’s All About Service

I love shopping at Nordstrom’s. Even though I know there’s a good chance that I can find the same thing for less at another store, I’m a die-hard fan. Why? Because their level of service is second to none.

“The customer is always right” is the company’s motto, and it’s something that they take very, very seriously.

Couple that mentality with high-quality, on-fashion products, and you have a successful operation.

The same is true in MLM marketing. Make it your business to provide high value (team training, great how-to content that will help new prospects get up and running, and exceptional service), and success will follow.

MLM Marketing Secret #4: Use a Funded Proposal System to Generate Multiple Streams of Income

A funded proposal is a tool, training or software that a prospect purchases up front in order to solve a problem (see above). When you offer a funded proposal from your site and a prospect makes a purchase, you make a commission. This is key, because the chances are very good that most visitors to your site won’t join your primary opportunity. With a funded proposal, you still have an opportunity to make money (which you can then pump back into your business to advertise and market yourself).

MLM Marketing Secret #5: This Business is Personal

Anything you do in your network marketing business should be in service of making a personal connection with people (i.e., offering a solution to their problem), then directing them to a presentation on your product or service, and then following up to determine whether or not they’d like to join your opportunity.

And since you’ll want to spend the majority of your time sponsoring and recruiting – not prospecting – you’ll want to make sure you have an MLM marketing system in place, doing all that heavy lifting for you on auto-pilot.

MLM Marketing Secret #6: Niche to be Rich

Who are you? What do you bring to the table? What’s different about you, your life experience, your hopes and dreams?

All too often, I come across content or a website that promises to provide some sort of value, but when I click over to check it out, there’s no there, there. No life. No personality. Nothing to engage me, or make me want to connect.

We all have a voice, a story to tell, and something about us that others will be drawn to. Carve out a niche for yourself in this overcrowded marketplace by letting your voice come through in your sales copy, video and audio presentations, etc., and in time, you’ll find yourself leading a team of like-minded people who are eager and willing to support you and your success.

MLM Marketing Secret #7: Never Walk Alone

Find someone in your industry who is getting the kind of results that you want, and reach out to them. Model their behavior, adopt their systems, and make their strategies your strategies, and you, too, will be successful. Because as Tony Robbins likes to say, “Success leaves clues.”

And make sure that the team you’re on provides the leadership, vision, and training you need to keep you going when the going gets tough. These are the people who will walk the journey with you, knowing that your success is their success.

And that’s it. Get to work putting these simple strategies into place, commit to following a disciplined MLM marketing approach every day, and very soon, your network marketing company will begin making the kind of money you’re in this business to make.

If you’re really serious about building a successful Internet network marketing business, you’re going to need to learn all you can about online MLM marketing.