Marketing mistakes are all part of the experience but sometimes mistakes a purely laziness and unresearched content that has no value. So what are the mistakes marketers make? Well before I get to that I would like to make it very clear. When it comes to collecting information get it from a reliable resource or you could damage your credibility do your home work. I made the mistake of going like a bull at a gate and produced terrible content and had no value at all and received damaging comments( to my ego) so I deleted everything and started again. Marketing mistakes are made simply because there are many things you need to check over and over again, because some mistakes are deadly for success you must double if not triple check before you send out your campaign. You can’t expect to build a good re-pour with your readers buy annoying them; there are more people every day trying to earn money online, especially with the global downturn regarding the economic outlook. When more people come online some “new” programs arise and it’s the new-comers to the Internet marketing scene that get caught up in the moment. Do you really want a business or do you just want to promote something as an affiliate in order to earn some sort of income? That’s a hard question to answer if you are still trying to figure out what exactly it is you want to do online.

Marketing mistakes are just the beginning when creating a strategy on how to market your services or products online. Having no marketing plan means you could be wasting your resources on activities that simply don’t deliver. You could be sending the wrong message to the wrong audience. You could be falling for sales pitches and buying ADHOC activities like advertising that might be completely waste of time.: Gather input from consumer groups first, develop materials based on this information, then, double and triple-check the work. Marketing mistakes are wasting money on ineffective advertising, failing to address the needs of prospects, missing lead opportunities, ignoring client dissatisfaction, failing to nurture and educate clients and not branding services correctly. It is very easy to waste money on ineffective marketing and advertising, it is important to track every marketing dollar you spend to identify which advertising are working and which are wasting your time and money. By doing this, you’ll be able to pinpoint what marketing is successful and what isn’t, as well as why people are choosing your services/product.

If you can better focus your marketing activities you will gain more credibility. Many fail to address the needs of their prospects. Instead, they focus all the attention on themselves and their needs. If you identify what problems your prospects are facing, you can better address them in your advertising, track their pain (why they need your service), why they selected you. Why they like you or why they don’t like you. Analise the results to determine why people need you and your services. This will help you target your ads directly to specific people and their needs. Your ads will have a competitive edge over others because clients will feel you took the time to get to know them and their problems. One serious mistake internet marketers can make is ‘spamming’. Despite it being unethical, those internet marketers who head down this path don’t realize how much harm it can do their business and credibility in the long term. If you’re serious about earning a good income online, you can’t afford to damage your business or your reputation this way with your prospects.

For example, it’s tempting to mass-email millions of total strangers and hope some of them will buy something, but you’ll get a far better response by building a mailing list of your own, filled with subscribers who want to hear what you have to say Your main objective as internet marketer is to give value. By spamming email addresses, forums or blogs with your unwanted marketing message, you’re damaging your business reputation. Sure, you might make a little profit in the short term, but you’ll have no long term business. Therefore, it always makes sense to focus your hard work on building an ethical business that earns its profits slow and steady. One very common internet marketing error is sending out too much self promotion. It’s easy to go out there and blow your own trumpet, but will this create a good impression on your target audience? No, nobody likes a business that its main priority is themselves.

Instead, work on forging a strong relationship with people in your target market instead of trying to force your products on them. You’ll see an increase in response rates if you try to help people and offer solutions instead of self-promoting. One of the foremost tenets of inbound marketing is to constantly create fresh, content that is helpful to your readers, prospects and community and attract them to your business. “Be patient and focus on creating good content” rather than becoming a mechanical publishing machine. The desire for short term results hurts long term gains. If you do not understand how consumers use the web, you may be losing out on valuable leads. The online marketing world is a fast changing environment. Many businesses have failed to understand exactly how consumers use the internet and how they make their online buying decisions. Consumers today are savvier than a few decades ago, and they want information, not advertising hype. For this reason it is important to know who your site visitors are before you start creating content for them. That is, you need to know what resonates with them, what engages them. Unfortunately, plenty of online marketers fail to do this. Marketing mistakes are easy to make and not necessarily world ending. However, some of them are so potentially catastrophic that can destroy your entrepreneurial dream before it starts. Marketing mistakes are so often made by new entrepreneurs who try online branding fast so they can make money quick.

Not that we don’t want to make money fast but be careful on how you go about it. If you are looking to hit the social media sites hard and splash meaningless promises on these sites with no obligation to stand behind what you promise, then you lose the trust that people are looking for and need. When you constantly put advertising on social networks it becomes a sign for people to beware and ignore your postings! It begins to look like a scam! If you show concern and willingness to help people, they are more likely to respond. People want to be able to get the help and support they need to succeed. They need to know you are there to help them and they need to know they can trust you. Your business needs to come with the passion to help others and the gratification of helping people to reach their financial success. If you do business from your heart, you will reach success not only financially but in your heart which gives you more pride and satisfaction that you are there to make a difference in someone’s life. But given that you know where you’re headed, and know your product inside out, the scopes of mistakes should come down. Your followers will come to look forward to your updates if you focus on being helpful and ethical. Marketing mistakes are rampant as more and more online marketers venture into the field.

It’s definitely a mistake to not have your own blog when you’re into internet marketing. The list of benefits for marketing with a blog is quite long, to say the least. However, blogging and using blogs is only a part of the many aspects of marketing. It’s a fact, though, that search engines really do seem to prefer blogs over static sites. Also, a blog allows you to have greater interaction with your market which is good for building relationships. You can get a totally free blog, or you can get a domain name and use the word press blogging platform. However the more serious marketers always go with WordPress blog with their own domain name. That will create a more professional appearance, and you’ll have complete control over your blog. You’ll have much better results if you maintain your blog with new and original content on a regular basis. What’s more? I will say again having content that isn’t compelling or isn’t aimed directly at your target audience is a serious mistake. Another serious mistakes marketer’s make is spending too much on your advertising campaign. Starting an advertising campaign is fine but many people seem to put thousands of dollars in to Google/banner ads/etc., but you have to stop and think, do I know how to advertise in these forums because if you don’t you can spend thousand in a blink of an eye and have nothing to show for it. my advice produce 1 good content as opposed to 10 mediocre ones. I hope this article gives you an understanding of what not to do in marketing, and makes you aware of many other solutions that are available. In Closing just be honest and transparent with your readers and produce good valuable content.