Internet marketing is continuing to increase in its importance. Current statistics prove that more and more marketing budgets are being spent in internet marketing. One great aspect of internet marketing is that there are a lot of effective methods of growing your business and many of them are free of charge. Therefore, there has never been a better time for businesses of all types and descriptions to implement an internet marketing strategy. If you are concerned about how you can use the power of the internet to grow your business, this article is for you.

Internet Marketing Defined

What is internet marketing? Well… that’s a great question and really the answer is that it is a form of media that you can use to grow your business, advertise your services and increase both customer and prospect recognition. The internet gives the little man a level playing field so that it doesn’t matter how much money they have – if they put the work in they can get similar results to multi-million (or even billion) dollar businesses. That is really because there are a lot of strategies that anyone can implement in their business and many of these are free of charge.

Internet Marketing Provides Many Benefits

Other benefits of implementing an internet marketing strategy in your business may include measurability, flexibility and (as I said above), the fact that many methods are free of charge. It is also free of charge to use services like Google Analytics – which enables you to track a lot of statistics about the people who use your product or service and gives you a lot of information about their demographics and also about the websites that refer people to your website or blog. Thanks to this Google service, in particular, you can track where the best results come from and it will give you some indication on where you should be spending your time and efforts.

Internet Marketing Tactics

Some of the internet marketing strategies that you can use include:

1. Pay-per-click Advertising. These include the main Google search engine and can be expensive. The pay-per-click advertising is listed in a couple of sponsored links at the top of the page and also some sponsored links that go down the right side of the page. Pay-per-click can be expensive, so if you don’t have a large marketing budget, it is best to spend more time on other methods of internet marketing. If you like the sound of getting on page one of Google and don’t have the money for pay-per-click, you should concentrate your efforts on the organic listings which rely solely on keywords. This is free of charge and generates even more clicks than even the pay-per-click service that is offered.

2. Banner Ads. Banner ads are those boxed adverts with either a static image or flashy animations and some text that intices people to want to click on them (or that’s the idea). If you want to use these, you would buy a certain amount of banner impressions and for each impression, your banner will be seen once. That usually equates to quite a few hundred or even thousands of impressions. These impressions are cheap an can be purchased from a variety of sites who cater for a variety of audiences. One of the biggest disadvantages of using banner impressions is that you are not guaranteed any clicks.

3. Email Marketing. This is the best way of implementing an internet marketing strategy and it really makes more sense than other methods. It is otherwise known as list-building. There is an old adage that says “the money is in the list” and so it is. List building can be like a golden ticket to success. The way to go is to build a relationship with the people on your list. Give them value and the money will follow, but you have to treat them like royalty at all times. When you build an email list, you can control the kind of person you market to. These can be taylored for any niche. You must however, be wary of email spam. You must ensure that your list is an opt-in one so that people are aware of who you are. This will ensure that they recognise you and that they take note of your emails.

4. Search Engine Marketing. As we said in method one, if you don’t have the money for pay-per-click, you should get involved in search engine marketing and this is the free (and better) alternative. If done properly, it will get you on page one of Google. In order to get this popularity, you need to use a mixture of original and often updated content in the form of articles as well as backlinks from popular sites to your own website. Google loves content, so if you have a squeeze (or landing) page and want to get traffic to it, a great way to go is to publish articles. This can be on a blog, on article submission directories, or on other people’s blogs. SEO (search engine optimisation) is a major way to increase traffic to your site. After all, if you are looking for something in general, where do you go? I know that often times, I go to Google and type it into the search box. Google isn’t the only search engine. Others include Yahoo and more. This may sound a little odd, but go to Google and type in something like “the top ten search engines” or something along those lines. Google will obviously be at number one, but there are others.

5. Blog Marketing. Creating and maintaining a blog is an excellent way of building relationships with the right kind of people. As the internet progresses, there are more ways for you to get noticed by blogging too. Blogs have always been excellent for search engines as the content is always fresh and good bloggers will constantly be updating the content. However, if you use a blog, you will have more flexibility over who sees your blog and how you will be noticed. You can integrate social sharing buttons so that your readers can share your content with their Facebook or Twitter contacts. You can also use a plugin called “Facebook Comments” which enables your readers to comment on your blog, both on the post and on Facebook with the same message and at the same time. Another good tip is to approach other bloggers (in your niche) with content that they can use on their blogs, but also that will generate clicks back to your site and you can get the other blog’s readers to do what you want them to..

6. Article Marketing. If you have a squeeze page, a great way to generate traffic for that is to use article marketing. You would write articles for an article submission directory and the fact that the directory has your article gives you a backlink from a popular site. An article can be very valuable as it can be used in more than one way. You just have to rewrite it to use it on different sites..

Whichever tactics you use, you must be sure to seriously consider an integrated strategy where you are using two or three of these methods. You need to decide where you are going and how you are going to get there. It is essential that you read well-written content, read good books (that are related to your business), listen to audios and watch videos that are either related to your industry or business in general. There are other internet marketing tactics, but this article is already too long, so I shall end it there. To read further about this and related aspects of internet marketing, pleasee subscribe to my ezinearticles author alerts.

David Verney is an internet professional who helps others to achieve success in their lives, whether that be self-development or business (any industry).