In the competitive world of today, every company seeks to have the best talent around. This is the reason that it has become extremely difficult for the employees to get into any company. But as far as the best talents from the high-profile universities are concerned, companies have to come up with exciting packages so as to ensure that the highly-talented lot can become a part of their functioning. So, as far as the current research is concerned, an employee brand is what attracts the employees towards a company. It is actually an image that the company makes of itself in the minds of many that it is the best place to get employed at. An employee brands ensures a sense of belongingness in the people and this makes the employees play an integral role in the achievement of success. Hence, one can say that an employee brand is the value of a company that exists in the corporate. Hence, one can say that in the present scenario, one of the goals of a company is related to employee branding. This goal is to achieve customer satisfaction where the customers are nobody but the employees themselves. One can also introduce employee branding as one of the core values of an organization. Those companies that this research has seen to have a good image in the market place are the ones which also have a good extent of employee brand attached to its name. The most important question that needs to be answered with respect to brand employer building is that the company has to know as to what they are and what their vision is. Along with this, they also have to meet the expectations of the stakeholders in the meanwhile. (Mangold, 2004)
Internal View of Employee branding

One must be able to define the meaning of employee branding to the company. It must be remembered that employee branding is actually the image of an organization for the people working in the organization. It is this reputation that the companies make of themselves inside their premises that are also carried outside to the passive candidates, the customers, the clients and also the others who are affected by the proceedings of the company. Hence, one can say that within the company, employee branding is done to attract the employees, and also for their subsequent retention in times to come so as to improve the company’s image of employee branding. The management of every country has to understand a very simple fact that it can’t lay a narrow focus on the employee branding. If this is done, it would only be a departmental project and would not have been entitled to be a part of the overall business strategy of the company. One must keep another fact clear that if employee branding is only considered to be a part of the recruitment process and then given the back seat, there will be too many cases of absenteeism resulting in subsequent resignations at frequent intervals. (Turning staff into brand ambassadors, 2009)
Importance of defining Employee Brand Objectives

Every activity that is regular in a company requires a definition for its subsequent planning. The reason for the same is that once the objectives are defined, the company would certainly save a lot of money and time in the process that are carried in the latter stages. We are all aware of the fact that every company has a different lifecycle stages and objectives at different times. So, defining the employee brand objectives would be of help at all these life stages that the company has For example, one of them can be to establish an employee referral program. These objectives with respect to employee branding can be to integrate the culture of two companies in process of doing a merger, or to decrease the turnover rates of the employees, to increase the hire volume for a particular period of time, training to improve the quality of the employees, and also to update the career section in the websites to ensure that the company can convey the idea of employee branding and the importance that it holds in the organization. These are all the cases that need to be defined with respect to employee branding for better implementation and subsequent success of the company. (Pickard, 2009)

Relationship between Employee branding and Marketing and Communications

A company must define the ownership of a brand strategy so as to make a reach to the consensus and also so that the employees of the country remain united in their ways. The management of a company must always take the forefront in driving employee branding with the help of education in the organizational premises and also by awareness building. There are certain employees who stand as unconditional and do not require a general need for motivation. But for most of the organizations it is a long-term and also strategic attempt of talent management. These strategies are designed in order to attract, keep busy, prevent absenteeism etc and these strategies can only be fulfilled by a collaboration of the employee branding department with the marketing and communications department. As for example, the marketing and communications department s can be of extreme help in the case of analysis through websites, or also in the segmentation of the target market. Research says that wherever this collaboration stays weak, there is certainly a large struggle, or delay in the projects or even the creativity can be minimized to a large extent.

Modes of Discovering Employee brand

One can develop an employee branding strategy by making a comprehension of the culture followed in the organization, the work experiences of candidates, the drivers of talent, external perspectives of the organization, vision of the organization, the leadership issues and also the management practices. If a company focuses on these areas for discovering its employee branding, it would be able to make a construction of its message platform which would have the characteristics of being the most authenticated, of a compelling nature and also distinguished. This systematic procedure would also be embraced perfectly in the internal organization. Other than this, the external reach of the organization would also better as a result.

There are also various ways of carrying the development program of employee branding. These are both quantitative and qualitative research. This can be in the form of focussing on groups, conducting interviews of leaders and also meetings and seminars. One can also gather competitive intelligence in the process. If the company wants to develop itself externally as well, it can check the online reputation of the firm so as to find out the views of the organization about what is said about them on the web through the blogs, or some social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut.

Role of the CEO and the Higher Authorities in Employee branding

It is extremely important for a company to have its top management converse about the employee brands in the earlier stages of the development of the same. There is an institute called the Employee brand Institute which suggests that it is highly positive for a company’s future prospects to get involved with the key stakeholders on this issue. These issues can include the following:

* The support of employee branding in development of the business strategy
* The culture of the organization and its consistency across the globe
* The perception of the organization both internally and externally
* The channels of communication for bottom-up and vice versa
* The most critical positions of success and the extent to which the company has gone in achieving the same
* All the above defined can be with respect to the attraction of the employees towards the organization, the engagement in achieving the organization’s goals and finally the removal of policies of absenteeism from the organization and achieve maximum retention of employees (HR faces the challenges of 2002, 2002)

Significance of Employee brand

Many researchers have argued that in spite of following all the characteristics of employee branding, companies have generally considered it as a shortcut for getting the best talent available in the surroundings. Many companies also tie up with ad agencies so as to market their employee branding even if they do not practice them in reality. These are some of the activities which fall totally against the much valued significance that employee branding has. It is often said that if one takes good care of his guests, there is all the probability that the guest will become your own and will continue to be loyal with you. This is followed by organizations like Google and Marriott. Every organization must understand this fact very clearly that the organization’s core values are defined by the extent of being productive and responsive towards the customers. In others words it is a common belief that if a company takes care of the people it affects, these people would certainly take care of the company. The competitive world of today teaches a very simple concept which is that every gain is mutual. Along with the services, it is the employee brand of a company that it would have to deliver to make the best possible returns.