You must routinely monitor your operation whenever you run TikTok advertising so that you can adjust your strategy. If you don’t, you have no way of knowing whether what you’re doing is effective.

Fortunately, TikTok has developed a helpful analytics tool that you may use to identify all your essential amounts. Participation is key to success with TikTok marketing, and the analytics package will show you how well you’re doing in this area. Although the information on TikTok is somewhat necessary right now, it will get better as the stage matures.

Become a Guru Account

You will need to change any normal TikTok user accounts into Pro accounts in order to use the statistic package. It is simple to complete and is free. You’ll learn a lot from the analytics, I promise. As a result, doing this is quite worthwhile.

To upgrade to a Pro account, all you have to do is go to your profile and select “Manage My Account” under Configurations. You will automatically be directed to a new screen where you can click the “Switch to Guru Account” link. Use this, and you’ll need to choose the best category for your TikTok account.

Next, TikTok will ask for your mobile phone number so that an SMS with a confirmation code can be sent to you. You now have a Pro account after entering the unique code you received in the space provided.

We suggest that you switch to your Pro account right away after creating your TikTok accounts. The reason for this is that unless you are a Guru user, the analytics programme will not list any of your information.

Categories for Analytics

You’ll notice a “Analytics” option on your profile choices after switching to a TikTok Pro account. You will comprehend your analytics dash once you touch this. When your account is completely new, you will need to wait a few days for the data to accumulate and start showing metrics.

You may find three classes in your TikTok metrics dashboard that you can examine. Which are:

Summary of your profile

Content Details

Follower Information

At the very top of the screen, tiktok abonnés gratuits there are tabs for each of them. Once you tap them, you might be able to view additional data and perform a deep dive into the numbers.

Profile Summary

You may check out how well your TikTok profile typically does here. The display shows all followers, all views on videos, and all views on profiles. You will immediately notice the video reviews, and you can choose to review them over the course of seven or 28 days. For the most majority of the metrics, there is a daily breakdown.

You may then comprehend the opinions on your profile, followed by the number of your tribe.

Contextual Insights

You might find some helpful advice for each of your movie articles right here. The metrics consist of:

Kisses (enjoys) everyone around for your essay

Commentary volume for your article

Shares overall for your article

total length of the film

Detailed movie reviews

The typical ocular period

Resources for clients

audience arrives

You may get a high-level overview of your target demographics here. Along with audience numbers broken down by gender, you can see audience percentages for each state.