Similar to how fashion trends change, so have silver tea sets. Unlike current sets, which have a mix-and-match aesthetic, antique sets were distinguished by their time-specific details and adornment. In fact, a silver set’s inscription, adornment, handle design, spouts, and finials may all be used to date it.

After the Revolution, when afternoon tea was served on elegant tea tables in coordinated cups and saucers, drinking tea in America evolved into a social ritual. Despite the fact that silver tea sets were quite popular, the cups and saucers were seldom used since the liquid heated them up too much. Tea was often served with snacks including cakes, fruit, almonds, and sweetmeats. This unofficial rite also provided as a venue for young men and women to socialise. The event sometimes turned into a night of music, dancing, and entertainment.

This pattern persisted throughout the 19th century, when silver began to represent the prosperity of the family. Nonetheless, silver sets became more inexpensive for the middle class with the invention of electroplating. The ability to create very complex and trendy patterns and motifs was further improved by advances in machine technology.

How to Handle, Store, and Take Care of Silver Tea Sets

Silver tea sets are unparalleled in their beauty and practicality, but they also need to be handled carefully, cleaned properly, and stored. Here are a few helpful hints:

Always support your teapot at the bottom while holding it by the handle. Store your dried ware in low humid, low sulphur conditions. When tarnish is severe, apply commercial polish (approved by the Society of American Silversmiths). Daily-use items may be hand-washed with phosphate-free detergents and dried right away. Use a cellulose sponge dipped in cleansers like Wright’s Silver Cream to remove coffee or tea stains. Rinse well in warm water.

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