Where it all started

Amway was one of the leading companies in the Mutl-level Marketing industry. Back in 1959, MLM was just being introduced into the marketing giving individuals a way to earn money sharing products and saving the company a lot of advertising dollars. The pitch was by becoming an Associate and marketing the companies products, the money the company would save on advertising could be paid to the Associates doing the product promotion. There are many people whom years later regretted not getting in on Amway when it was a ground floor opportunity.

No more door-to-door selling for network marketers

For those that have lived the last 6 decades, we were witness to the birth and growth of the network marketing industry. Many of us experienced the struggles of trying to connect with new prospects for the MLMs we took part in. We remember setting up appointments and driving to someone’s home to give them our sales pitch. Now we are in the age of computers and no longer are we limited to building our down-line organization via local connections in small communities and local cities. With the Internet, we are now able to build our business and sponsor people not just across the United States, but world wide.

The first king of multi-level marketing

Many whom read this article will not recognize the name Dexter Yager. Dexter became an Associate of Amway a short time after the companies birth. He came up with a plan to build his network which was to help each person he sponsored to get their first 5 signups. Whenever the Associate had an appointment scheduled with a prospect, he would go to the Associate’s home and do the presentation. By doing this, each of his Associates learned the script or at least had a good foundation and knowledge of how to pitch new prospects. After he helped the Associate get their first 5 signups, they then went on to do the same with each of the people whom they sponsored. Dexter’s down-line organization ended up being more than 50% of Amway’s marketing arm. This should be giving you an idea of what you can do to help grow your own team of networkers in whatever business you are promoting.

Here we are approaching 2020 in a whole new world of Network Marketing

Many of today’s challenges include those of yesteryear however we also have a new set of challenges to master. In the age of computer and the Internet, network marketing companies can grow at an accelerated pace. A person whom signs up in a network marketing company can have a down-line organization of hundreds just overnight. I know because I have experienced that myself. In one business, I connected with a person in India and I watched literally dozens of people signing up each hour. In India, when they sign up in an MLM business, they get on the phone and sign up someone else and then another and another.

A person can experience an explosion of growth by finding the right people to sponsor. But for many of us, we don’t have a personal mailing list with thousands of names on it. You can only post information about your business so many time on Facebook or Twitter before you start losing connections and sometimes even friends.

Lead generation ~ one of the keys to successful network marketing

We can grow our team faster than they did back in the 50s and 60s but we still need to get the leads of people to pitch to. There are several ways to get leads; pay for them, go lead digging to find them and there are ways to get free leads. Even after getting leads especially free leads, one still has to learn how to connect with the lead, followup and eventually get to the prize which is signing them up in your business.

People whom are new to network marketing need coaching. Just like Dexter Yager did years ago, the people you sponsor need someone to coach them and work with them to learn the process. With the right leads program, training on how to connect and communicate with prospect, keep track of their progress, appointment, etc., new associates/affiliate can learn to become successful home business owners and earn incomes that are reflective of the work they put into building their business. If you are a good team leader and make sure those you sponsor learn to duplicate your process then they can do the same for those they sponsor. You either do all the work yourself or you teach your associates so they can work too. Show them how to get free leads that work and up everyone’s recruitment rate.

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