Dune buggies are some of the most versatile vehicles around, as you can really do anything with them you want. And while they are, by their very nature, built to handle the roughest terrain and most difficult trails, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take good care of them to make sure they last you for years to come! You want your dune buggy to go the distance with you, after all! Here’s what to look out for when making sure your dune buggy stays in top shape.

The relationship between your mind and body

Throughout your life, your mind and body are connected in ways you may not have been aware of. And by taking care of one part—your body—you can help to promote positive change in another—your mind. We’re not just talking about tips for staying fit or healthy here; we’re talking about how what goes on inside your body can affect what goes on inside your head.

Finding out what you are afraid of

It can be tough taking on an unfamiliar sport. You might be afraid of getting hurt, falling flat on your face or even looking like a fool in front of others. Before you go out and pick up a new sport, try to gauge your level of comfort with it. The only way you’re going to get better is if you put yourself out there, so do what you need to do in order to get over those first-day jitters.

Being present when facing your fears

Some people have a fear of snakes or of spiders, for example. Fear can be an obstacle in your life when it prevents you from taking risks and going on adventures. A good way to conquer your fears is by facing them head-on rather than trying to avoid them. Instead of putting off that camping trip because of your fear of bugs, don some protective gear and go experience nature firsthand! If you’re afraid of heights, try rock climbing or base jumping.

Be honest with yourself

Are you looking for something that’s fast, fun and easy? Or would you prefer a challenge and a great deal of satisfaction when you’re done? Knowing what’s important will help narrow down your selection. Keep in mind, though, dune buggies come in all shapes, sizes and speeds. The right buggy for one person may be totally wrong for another; ask yourself honestly whether you have enough room and are willing to put up with the drawbacks of a larger vehicle.

Speak to others about their experiences

There’s no better way to learn about dune buggy trails in your area than from those who have tried them. If you can, get in touch with owners of these vehicles and see if they’re open to discussing their experiences on these trails. This will help you make more informed decisions about where and when you should take your dune buggy for a spin!

Getting out there

Sure, you can take your old Bronco up over a dune. But that’s where it stops being fun. Take one of those old baby strollers out on a set of bigger tracks and you’re in for something really special—the kind of adventure that can make for great stories later on. Dune buggies are a blast! So what if they cost an arm and a leg? Just do it. It’s worth every penny, I promise you.