Convert Customers into Fans by providing the right data, to the right person, in the right format, at the right time by moving out from shout marketing to one to one communication.

Every customer interacts with you online in a different way. Some go straight hitting your website URL from their laptop, Smart phones. Others follow your social accounts and Fan pages. No matter how they choose to reach you, each expects an individualized online experience.

Collect customer information from all channels and display it in the web sidebar welcoming with name, once they visit your site. Display all products they searched recently with suggestions and offers if applicable. Website Personalization will boost conversion rate.

Segment customers based on Geography, demography, lifestyle, product features etc.

Select Target markets and take action.

Include Marketing Automation in the website to score and nurture leads.

Identify where you are losing visitors and potential conversions.

Customer retention should be nurtured with equal intent to acquisition.

Growth hacking is a hybrid of marketing and coding. Growth Hackers bring customers for a product with A/B tests, Multi variant tests, landing pages, viral factor, email marketing, and Open Graph. This way the active users can be retained, with improved conversion rate.


SEM, SEO, social, display and re targeting channels, public relations.

SEM is Organic and Paid Traffic. The Pay per click advertisement in Search Engine gives solid traffic to your site. However the total investment cannot be made in paid advertising, as many won’t get the sale. The organic free traffic will give you sale if the site is optimized and on top of SERP.

Search Experience Optimization is the future of SEO. Website which provide better user experience rank high on search engine compared to website which believe only in directory submission, improving page rank, keyword stuffing etc.

Search Engines are looking for most relevant content to deliver the searcher, what he is looking for.

The relevancy determined by

Content: high quality text on the page, titles and descriptions that are given.

Performance: Faster loading site without broken links.

Authority: Authoritative relevant sites link your website as a reference.

User Experience: A great and safe site with easy navigation and less bounce rate.

Adding The markup with product cost, image, reviews in the description will help the customer to click the link if the cost mentioned is within his budget.

Create rich media content like video, as it’s easier to get a video to rank on the first page than it is to get a plain text page to rank.

We should not depend only on search engine traffic. What if the site gets penalized by penguin update? The visibility will go down in search engine with no traffic from Google. Invest some of budget in Social Media Marketing, Online Advertisement, and Public Relations. This will get you some traffic.


Convert visitors and prospects into customers and get repeat visits.

Improve the visibility of products or services in all channels by digital marketing. A search for information doesn’t end the sales process. Make them click the link and take to relevant page. Engage them leading to the proper action you want them to take and then finally put them into a sales process.

Web Analytics helps us to track the visitors online and their behavior. Optimize the site based on user navigation, providing shortest path to reach the product page. Track the customer journey to find scattered information about a product, provide all information in less number of pages.

Many links may be available in a website to take the visitor to product page and to convert. Track the link which converted the customer.

Optimize and improve the site comparing with available features in competitor site.

Digital Customer Experience Optimization is optimizing for Desktop, Tablet, Smart Phones. Digital channels are ever evolving entities. Poor Digital Customer Experience leads to revenue loss. Rich content alone doesn’t do the job. For better web experience, advanced internal site search, filtering, breadcrumbs, internal linking structure plays a major role.


Many clients invest their digital marketing budgets in various media channels.

Measure SEO ROI with historic data. How much organic SEO traffic increased, in that how much converted against goals.

Measure Social Media ROI with number of fans, followers, page likes, re tweets, repins, web mentions, and sales levels.

Measure Website improvement ROI with No of visitors, conversion rate such as shopping cart sales, newsletter sign up, downloads, completed surveys, CTR from dedicated landing pages.