If you’re planning to buy property in Perth, there’s one very important thing you must do first—have the building inspected. Otherwise, you could end up paying thousands of dollars too much to repair serious structural problems after the purchase, or even worse, losing your investment in case of major damage due to issues that should have been detected beforehand. To ensure your future property is safe and sound, here’s everything you need to know about Building inspections Perth .

Why get a building inspection?

A building inspection is an important step in the process of purchasing a property. It ensures that the structure of the building is sound and will not cause any issues after you buy it. Building inspections can also help you identify potential problems with asbestos, lead paint and more.
The inspector will inspect the property from inside and out so there are no surprises when you move in. They will also make suggestions for what repairs should be done.

When should you get a building inspection?

You should get a building inspection before you buy a property or sign a lease agreement. This is important because it can uncover hidden problems that could cost you time and money down the line. The inspector will look for anything from defects with the structure of the building, electrical safety issues, plumbing and gas safety concerns, or termite damage.

What will a building inspection cover?

A building inspection will take a look at the entire property and let you know if there are any major problems that need to be addressed. This can include structural elements, plumbing, electrical, and roofing. It is important to note that some inspectors may not cover every area and it’s always a good idea to ask what they will cover before agreeing on an inspector.

How long does a building inspection take?

A building inspection can vary depending on the size of the property and what needs inspecting. Generally, an inspection will take about one hour for a small home or apartment and two hours for a larger property. Our building inspectors are available 24/7.

How much does a building inspection cost?

The cost of a building inspection will vary depending on the size of the property, the time taken for the inspection, and whether or not you need an electrical and/or gas safety inspection. For example, if you are buying a house for around $500,000 that has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, expect to pay around $550-$700 for an electrical safety inspection and gas safety inspection.

What if the building inspector finds something wrong?

If the inspector finds a problem, they’ll let you know. They may offer solutions and give advice on how to fix it. If you don’t want them to share the information with your neighbors or other inspectors, you can ask them not to do so. What they share is up to them, but most will respect your privacy and only mention it if they are asked by someone else who has a right to know about the issue.