In the world of farming and agriculture, everything revolves around efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. One of the ways in which farmers and horticulturists can achieve these goals is by making smart use of used farm and agricultural machinery. This is something Bert Duijndam quickly realized. Once a farmer himself, he had to sell some of his machines out of necessity and noticed a massive demand for them. Bert had discovered a niche in the market, and that’s how he founded Duijndam Machines 67 years ago. At the time of writing, Bert has taken a step back, transferring the business to his sons, Robbert and Maurijn Duijndam.


In this blog, we’ll discuss what to consider when buying used machines, the rise of online purchases of these large machines, and how Robbert explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has strengthened and accelerated this trend.


What to Consider When Buying Used Farm and Agricultural Machinery 

Robbert of Duijndam Machines follows several points when purchasing machines. These tips are also applicable if you’re looking for a used machine yourself. According to Robbert, used machines are an excellent way to reduce operational costs while still acquiring high-quality equipment. Here are some important considerations: 

  • Machine Condition: Carefully inspect the overall condition of the machine. Look for wear, rust, and any damage. A test drive or machine test can often provide a good indication of its performance. If you’re buying the machine remotely, be sure to request videos or maybe even video calls to inspect the machine. This is a method we often use at Duijndam Machines.
  • Maintenance History: Inquire about the machine’s maintenance history. Well-documented maintenance is a sign of careful ownership and can indicate a machine that will last for many more years.
  • Spare Parts: Investigate whether spare parts are readily available for the specific model. This can affect the availability of future maintenance and repairs. 
  • Technological Updates: If the machine has technological features, make sure they are still up-to-date and functional. Machines that no longer receive updates may become outdated more quickly.
  • Price Comparison: Compare the prices of similar machines on the market to ensure you’re paying a fair price. Also, the price advantage should be significant enough; otherwise, you might consider buying new.


The Rise of Online Purchases of Large Farm and Agricultural Machinery

The digital revolution has also reached the world of farm and agricultural machinery. More and more people choose to buy these large machines online, especially when it comes to used farm and agricultural machinery, as noticed at Duijndam Machines. Due to the scarcity of machines, there are often significant distances between the buyer and the seller. Being able to purchase machines remotely provides a solution. Buying used machines online offers several advantages: 

  • Wide Selection: Online platforms provide access to a wide range of machines, brands, and models. This allows buyers to find exactly what they need. In the past, you were limited to local offerings, but now the possibilities are enormous. 
  • Convenience: Purchasing machines online eliminates the need to travel to physical dealers. This saves time and effort, especially for people located in remote areas.
  • Price Comparison: Online shopping makes it easier to compare prices, not just for things like clothing but also for farm and agricultural machinery. Differences between different sellers and platforms can be compared, allowing buyers to get a better deal.
  •  Reviews and Ratings: Many online platforms have reviews and ratings from previous buyers. This provides potential buyers with insights into the experiences of others with the same seller or machine. At Duijndam Machines, they’ve noticed that first-time buyers may be a bit cautious about buying remotely, but customers are generally so satisfied that they often return and rely on Duijndam’s advice blindly.


The Impact of COVID-19 on the Online Farm Machinery Trend

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on how people do business. Lockdowns and travel restrictions have hindered traditional purchasing methods, making online shopping more attractive. This also applies to farm and agricultural machinery. Farmers and horticulturists discovered that they had access to a wide range of machines through online platforms without jeopardizing their health.

Furthermore, the pandemic has reinforced the need for efficiency and cost savings in farming and agriculture. This has led to a greater interest in used machines as affordable alternatives to new equipment.


In summary, buying used farm and agricultural machinery is a smart move for those looking to work efficiently without breaking the bank. The rise of online shopping, spurred by the pandemic, has made it easier to find the perfect machine. However, it’s still crucial to conduct thorough research and pay attention to the machine’s condition to ensure that your investment will pay off in the long run.

If you’re looking for a (used) farm or agricultural machine, visit the Duijndam Machines website now, and they may be able to assist you as well!