The bum marketing method teaches internet marketers how to make a significant amount of money through article marketing. The concept is based on promoting affiliate products using low competition keywords. With the thousands of available methods of promotion in the Internet, marketers may ask themselves, “How do I market my niche?”

With bum marketing method, there are numerous ways of marketing your niche so you can quit asking, “How do I market my niche?” Let’s start with Google. When it comes to making some decent and quick cash on the internet, the big three are EzineArticles.com, Goarticles.com, and SearchWarp, which are all article directory sites. UsFreeAds is also said to be a Google favorite for over 2 years now. There are also other extremely powerful sites including Blogger.com and Squidoo.com. These sites are all free so anyone can get started here without having to shell out dollars.

GoArticles.com is a site with great PR. It is also perfect for a newbie to Internet marketing who does not own a website since GoArticles lets you link straight to the merchant website. UsFreeAds is likewise great for a newbie with no website and also for advanced marketers. Direct link to merchants is also allowed. Unfortunately, UsFreeAds does not have the same page rank as GoArticles or EzineArticles. EzineArticles is the most powerful with a PR 6 or PR 7. EzineArticles will list you on top of Google’s first page with up to 10,000 competing results. However, affiliate links are not allowed so you need to redirect readers to a different website. A lot of ezine publishers and website owners go to Ezinearticles if they want good content. These services are all free. With UsFreeAds, although it allows free ad submission, it is recommended that you go for the premium membership costing $9 a month. With this measly amount, you can place unlimited ads – complete with photos and all the HTML tools.

A lot of affiliates choose the alternative involving pay-per-click engines. But it is more recommended to learn the skills on how to achieve organic search results using the bum marketing method and then research the criteria for your articles. This method can help you save yourself from losing all your earnings on pay-per-click marketing.

These are just some ways of marketing your niche by building and increasing traffic to your own site. These methods are a good start for newbies to internet marketing, and even the seasoned ones. There are several more if you know how to look for them, but you can always start with the bum marketing method. The internet is such a fountain of information. In the end, you won’t have to ask yourself, “How do I market my niche?”