Marketers do really have brilliant ideas to sell products. Most of the times they go overboard and leave behind the essence of quality service just to close a deal. Although it must not go this way it’s fast becoming a market trend. The perfect example of this is how products are strategically named to the point that what it promises are kept only in its name and nothing more can be found useful with the product itself.

What’s in a name anyway? In selling products it’s very significant. Why do you think the name Advance Registry Optimizer sounds too good the first time you heard it? The operative word here is advance. Everybody is fond of something that presses forward-looking applications. Hence, this diagnostic software will likely be sold immediately. But speaking of the performance of Advance Registry Optimizer the word advance must be eliminated for nothing’s really new in this application. In fact when it is compared with other registry cleaners sold online it would only rank third to what is considered not bad but not too good registry cleaners.

To expect something special about this software will only make you frustrated. There’s hardly new tool employed neither there is an additional application that is significant in supercharging computer’s efficiency. What free diagnostic software offers are exactly the same contents of Advance Registry Optimizer. Moreover, it’s a little pricier compared to other computer utilities that are even more efficient in performance against ARO. Hence, what it offers is not worthy to the amount of money you’ll be spending.

Indeed, ARO is not a must have diagnostic software for regular PC owners. It can only be of help for computer owners who are fond of installing and uninstalling software constantly. But still there is much more preferable software that can act as caretaker of your computer’s operating system. Contrary to what it promises, ARO does not speed up your computer. After conducting a general check up of your PC’s software it will only restore the original speed. Likewise, ARO is incapable of repairing damaged Windows files. All it can do is back up the uncorrupted files.

To spread words that ARO is a scam is unfair, however. It does work and render basic registry cleaning, but it all ends there. It’s not worth recommending for others to use it too. Since its capability is restricted to basic applications it will not extinguish complicated system errors. Remember that misused and mismatch diagnostic software can pose greater damage to your computer.

Furthermore, it’s free trial version is incomplete. Unless you buy it only then you’ll have an access to its entire range of applications. It seems that the creator of this software is implicating a message speaking on how untruthful their product can become.

Does your computer need a registry cleaner, a system optimizer, a registry optimizer, fix it utilities or perhaps none of these? If you really want solutions that fit work first on identifying and figuring out your computer’s need.