There are many different solo inflatable kayaks on the market to choose from. The one that I personal chose to buy was the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame. This kayak is not the top of the line in quality and performance; however it is still an excellent kayak that gives you a lot for your money. It has exceeded my expectations and I have had many hours of paddling fun with it.

Below are five key facts about the AdvancedFrame that you should be aware of if you are also considering purchasing this inflatable kayak.

Fact # 1

This kayak is very affordable. One of the first things that caught my eye was the price of this kayak. The prices can vary depending on where you look but on average it is well under $500. Considering the quality, design and decent performance of the AdvancedFrame it has an excellent price tag that will likely appeal to many.

Fact # 2

This kayak looks great. I know this shouldn’t necessarily be a major factor when you choose your inflatable boat but I have to admit that out of all the kayaks I looked at this one had the most appeal visually. It really has the look of a hard-shell kayak and it will make people turn their heads.

Fact # 3

This kayak is very stable and sturdy. It is just wide enough to offer good stability while remaining slim enough and long enough to be able to pick up decent speeds. It has built-in aluminum ribs that keep the kayak rigid and improves the tracking which is really important. It comes with a tracking fin that also helps it to paddle straight. For even more rigidity you have the option of adding an additional backbone which is not absolutely necessary but really does help improve the performance.

Fact # 4

This Advanced Elements kayak is quite versatile. It is designed mainly for flat water paddling but can definitely handle sea kayaking as well as mild rivers. The spray skirt offers protection from the elements and it is compact enough to be very manoeuvrable.

Fact # 5

This kayak is easy to transport and perfect for storing in small spaces. At 36 pounds it can still be carried by one person, transported in the trunk of your car and even checked onto an airplane without having to pay any extra fees. It is the ultimate in convenience and perfect for any person of any age.

For recreational kayakers, the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame kayak is an excellent choice and with a little care will last you a very long time.