Whether you’re building your business online or offline, you have to have some system to generate new prospects or leads, follow-up with them, and market to them. This MLM Lead System Pro review will show you how MyLeadSystemPro fits into this.

Let me ask you one thing? What is involved in building your business online, or offline? There are just three things that you need to focus on…

Build a list of laser-targeted prospects
Build a relationship with people on that list of prospects
Market to that list of prospects
Any leader in this industry will tell you that is what’s involved in building your Network Marketing business. So why do I mention this in my review of this lead generation and attraction marketing system?

Well, the first and most important thing that MyLeadSystemPro allows you to do, is build a list; it actually allows you to build YOUR list, by giving you total ownership of your list of leads. Many lead generation and attraction marketing systems allow you to generate leads, but those leads are not yours. With this attraction marketing system, the list of leads you generate is yours; should you decide to stop using MLSP, that list of leads is yours.

A list of laser-targeted leads is one of your greatest assets in Network Marketing, and being one of your greatest assets, total ownership is a MUST!

Positioning Yourself As A Leader; The Key To Your Success

People join people, so it does not matter how great your business is, or how much the compensation plan pays. When you can position yourself as a leader and as someone with value to offer your prospects, they will likely join you.

Think of any leader in this industry, and ask yourself what they promote. They promote THEMSELVES and their value; they don’t talk about their companies or compensation plan or Network Marketing products.

MyLeadSystemPro lets you brand yourself by offering you customizable capture pages as well as a customizable email series for you to communicate with your leads. This sets you up as a person with value to offer your prospects. Many attraction marketing systems do not offer the level of customization that this attraction marketing system allows you to have.

It’s important to position yourself as a leader. People work with people. You need to let the world know who you are and the value you have to offer. By providing you with customizable capture pages, customizable sales pages, as well as a customizable sales funnel, through an auto responder email series, MLSP allows you to fully brand yourself and establish yourself as a leader and an expert.

How To Make Money On Autopilot, In Multiple Ways

This review would be incomplete without mentioning the Multiple Streams of Income, and the fact that you can make money on autopilot.

MLSP lets you market affiliate products and offers that other business-builders need in building their businesses; a funded proposal, whereby you make additional income outside of your Network Marketing Business opportunity.

Many network marketers are spending more money on their businesses than they are actually making. This ability to market multiple products to other business-builders, and get paid in the process allows frustrated network marketers to get into profit. With affiliate products, you can potentially get paid even if people don’t join your business.

By implementing multiple streams of income in your business, you are building a real business, not just a downline. Your Network Marketing business opportunity is part of your overall business, but not the only part of it. All the leaders in this industry implement Multiple Streams of Income in their businesses in one form or another; think of Todd Falcone and Mike Dillard for example.

Through these affiliate products, you receive commissions. Some of these products pay you monthly residual commissions, for as long as the user remains active with that product. This is because some of the products have a monthly subscription payment attached to the product. For example, MLSP pays you a monthly residual income for anyone joining your team through your affiliate link, as long as they stay active in MyLeadSystemPro.

All your leads are taken through your sales funnel, and introduced to these affiliate offers on autopilot. They are also introduced to your primary business opportunity on autopilot as well.

With this additional income from affiliate products, you can fund your other business activities.

MLSP; Getting Yourself Started

MLSP also does a good job of providing a getting started video training series for new members. This provides all the information new users need to enable them to set up their system, and ensure they get paid for their marketing efforts.

For your set monthly membership fee, MLMLeadSystemPro allows users to create an unlimited number of capture pages. This allows you to capture leads from many different platforms, using many different capture pages.

If you’ve read any reviews of this attraction marketing system, then you have undoubtedly heard about the cutting-edge marketing training inside of MLSP. Within MyLeadSystemPro, there is training on lead generation methods, including but not limited to:

LinkedIn Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
FaceBook Marketing
MySpace Marketing
Video Marketing
There is a host of other training to help you generate leads. Since Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer brought MLSP out, there have been weekly training calls and webinars, and these are all contained within the back office of MyLeadSystemPro. Anyone starting out with MyLeadSystemPro has a wealth of knowledge to tap into. However, it must be noted that you cannot possibly implement ALL the strategies that are taught, at once.

There are also weekly webinar trainings with top MLSP producers, as well as top producers in the MLM industry. This provides you with a wealth of current knowledge from 6 and 7 figure income earners.

At the end of the day though, you need to be willing to learn and educate yourself. Learn from those who have achieved the results you are after; use their results and what they do as a blueprint.

What Not To Like About MLSP And What You Should Do About It

MLM Lead System Pro is not a customized system, but is a customizable system. The system won’t get you more leads and subscribers, but it will show you how to generate leads.

With MyLeadSystemPro, you get similar capture pages and email messages to every other user of the system. If you do not differentiate yourself and your capture pages and email messages, you will not stand out at all. If a prospect of yours is on more than one MLSP email list, that prospect will likely opt out of your list. Differentiating yourself from the other MLSP users is something you will have to do as you gain experience; your capture pages and your email messages have to be customized completely and brand you totally.

I hope you’ve found this review of MLM Lead System Pro helpful, and you can make an informed decision as to whether this lead generation and attraction marketing system can help you build your team and brand yourself as a leader online, or not.