Evaluate Your Social Media Marketing Strategies

According to a survey, 68% of marketers assess the efficiency of social media marketing. To do the same, create landing pages that cater to different campaigns and carry out an A/B testing to know which of the landing pages work well for various forms of social media.

Don’t Focus on Facebook Marketing Alone

Most marketers say that they are not too happy with the results of their Facebook marketing. They feel that their Facebook efforts work better with large-scale businesses. About 52% of the businesses that have more than 1,000 employees felt that Facebook marketing was helping them meet their goal,s but merely 34% of small-scale businesses felt that their efforts were worthwhile.

Go Mobile

Nowadays, more individuals are making use of mobile devices. As per Pew Research Internet Project, 57% of people in the US own a smart phone while 43% have a tablet. Marketing authorities are going with this trend, as shown by a recent marketing report. Among the marketers surveyed, 42% stated that their blogs have been optimized for the benefit of mobile readers. Though this may only be a small number, it has gone up to 15% since 2013.

A different market study reveals the following:

The typical age of a first-time cell phone user is 13 years old.
Browsing the web using mobile devices has grown 8 times more than way back in the 1990s and 2000s.
Nowadays, half of the regular web users worldwide use their mobile devices as the main way of going online.
Searches with the help of mobile devices make up ¼ of all known searches.
Among those who own tablets, 72% make online purchases every week.
From the abovementioned, online users can learn that mobile browsing is fast increasing. For this reason, it would be best to aim for a mobile optimized blog.

Grow a Fan Base

According to the report, 92% of marketers believe that the greatest advantage of social media marketing is the increase of their company’s exposure. They say that they have won more followers which have become loyal fans. Based on this, others can change the way they interact with their followers. Since they are loyal to your products/ services, they should be treated as such. You should regularly connect with them and post snippets that they are interested in.

Use At Least Three Social Networks

Most marketers promote their products/services on 3 or more social networks such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter. However, there are still a lot of available networks. If you sell things that look interesting to crafters, it is beneficial to engage on Pinterest, since its user base consists of women.

Plan in Advance

Among marketers, 70% say that they post content on social media once or more daily.

To be able to maintain this kind of pace, marketers should know how to plan in advance. They must come up with an idea for the coming month or quarter. They should write content earlier and schedule posts on social media in advance.

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