If you’re looking for the secrets to online MLM marketing fortune so you can finally achieve the fortune in your company, then you have come to the right place. The secret to building a long term profitable business and attaining financial freedom in today’s modern times, is to focus on becoming an entrepreneur and not just a distributor for your network marketing company.

What do I mean by that? A distributor only gets paid when a person chooses to join or become a customer with you in your opportunity. An entrepreneur, on the other hand, develops multiple streams of income along with the income they create with their primary network marketing company. See years ago, the only way to achieve multiple streams of income was from the network marketing business model. Now, your network marketing company is only one of the multiple streams of income you must be generating.

So it’s my objective to show you the secrets of the master marketers, to assist you cultivate more leads than you can possibly handle any day and get rewarded even if a person says no to your opportunity. In addition, you can do this all on complete auto-pilot.

Online MLM Marketing Secret #1: Set Your MindSet
The first and one of the most essential secrets to success in your online mlm marketing business is your mindset. It is essential that you make up an obvious conclusion that you are going to prevail no matter what. You are not going to try this out or give this a shot and see what happens. That kind of idea will lead you down a direction where you may subconsciously damage your own fortune. If your mind is set on the fact that you are heading to be successful and that’s it period… nothing will stand in your way. It is completely essential that your psyche is focused on achieving results.

Online MLM Marketing Secret #2: Do not Pitch Your Market
Concentrate on marketing not pitching. Pitching is for baseball, marketing is for marketers. I find it highly intriguing that this industry is called network “marketing”, nevertheless it’s full of individuals who truly have no clue on how to market. You can still contact friends and family, in fact I encourage that to begin with. Nonetheless, most individuals end up listening to other people who don’t recognize how to market adequately, so they wind up appearing like a total idiot. This is why so many people wind up throwing in the towel and quitting because after all they run out of the people they know to approach. So they begin practicing methods like the 3 foot rule and continue listening to their upline who is telling them to go to the mall or buy leads.

Pitching your company to people is highly ineffective and most people end up engaged in this because the top leaders within that company all know that statistically, the odds of that person staying involved for more than two weeks is not that possible. So they just provide them with a script, spank them on the butt and tell them to talk with anyone that can fog a mirror.

Marketing on the other hand, flips the tables. With sufficient marketing it draws individuals to you from the power of attraction. By applying established marketing strategies you’ll be able to magnetically attract people to you, who are actively searching for what you have to offer.

Online MLM Marketing Secret #3: Fill Your Funnel With Leads
Implementing sufficient marketing strategies will allow you to create your own leads. Leads are an essential element of building a strong business. The more individuals you have on your list, the less desperate you are to have people join your business and therefore the more attractive you become. Most of this business is a numbers game. If you’re able to recruit 1 to 3 out of 30 individuals then you have a ratio to work with. Now all you want to do is simply fill your sales funnel with extra leads. If you acquire 30 leads coming every day, you can pretty much bank on the fact that you’ll recruit at least 1 or 2 new people everyday.

Online MLM Marketing Secret #4: Foster Relationships
Each and every person on your list is not simply a lead. They are people with families and dreams like you and me. So it is more imperative to steadily deliver value to and generate a relationships with them. Demonstrate the leadership that you can provide. A few may decide to join you right away and others may stay on your list for 6 months or more and simply watch what you are doing and then decide that they want to be in business with you.

A lot of individuals imply that the money is in your list. I do not quite agree with that. I think your list of leads is really necessary. But I would have to agree with something I learned from Frank Kern, who is by far one of the most profitable marketers around. The money is in the relationship with your list. See you can have 50 thousand individuals on your list but if you are a jerk, no one trusts you and it is obvious that you’re simply trying to sell be people crap all the time, your list is worthless. What is far more necessary is the quality of your relationship with your list. You are forming a trusted business partnership with other people, they depend on you and you depend on them. Whenever money is involved, it is imperative that there is mutual trust and everybody wins.

Online MLM Marketing Secret #5 Solve Problems
When it comes to a person’s business they are always probing for different things that could assist them in their business. They may want to learn how to set up a blog, talk to prospects on the phone or discover how to drive traffic to a website. If you can regularly remove yourself from the equation and focus on solving a persons problems with front end proposals, not only can you make an additional income stream from affiliate commissions, but they will resume to look to you for guidance in other areas and to assist in solving future problems.

Online MLM Marketing Secret #6: Systems Save Lives
Established systems have constantly produced big results in this industry. For the internet, it takes a lot of time, knowledge and skills to create websites that actually convert into leads and sales. Anyone can cultivate a website these days, but very few really make any substantial money with them. A well designed lead generation system that has been tested and confirmed to work, comes with all the necessary components you need to bring forth a thriving business. Not only can you determine from dozens of fully customizable capture pages and earn commissions from more than 19 different affiliate products, it simultaneously acts as a virtual training center with greater than $1,820 worth of FREE training to fully expand your potential.

Online MLM Marketing Secret #7: Automate and Teach
Once you have learned these steps and you are doing them on a regular basis, now it’s time teach your team through an automated process. This industry is all about duplication and if you’re developing results, you can teach those to your team so they can use the same strategies you are applying and achieve similar results. This industry is on all counts magnificent if you have everything in place. There are a lot of individuals who are at the top of their company but they’re so busy teaching, training and managing that they do not have any time. Having additional time and money freedom is really why we all got involved in this industry in the first place.

With the technology of today, you can entirely remove yourself from the equation to teach and train your team through recorded videos and presentations that layout a thriving way. If you can automate your process, you will finally have your team all engaged in exactly the same things that have been established to do results no matter how far down in your organization they are.