What do you need to consider if you need a elevator or lift outside? Outdoor cargo elevator is Himor brand hydraulic cargo lift platform. (We also name it as goods lift, or goods elevator. ) People can install it outside the building like warehouse, plant, shops and workshops etc. We list 5 reasons you can install Himor hydraulic cargo elevator outdoor.


Firstly, choose best material for steel structure.

Hydraulic cargo elevator consist of steel structure and hydraulic system. As a native manufacturer, it is easy for us to choose best suppliers among them. So we can choose from Top 3 material suppliers in China. Along with Chinese economy promotion, more and more materials quality is higher than international standard.

Secondly, use advanced technology for dust removal.

Steel is easy to rust, so dust removal is very important during production. In the past, people are used to remove the dust by labor. Now we use technology to remove rust more thoroughly.

Thirdly, paint the lift surface by spray plastic.

Instead of normal painting, we use spray plastic to paint the lifts in our paint booth. This surface painting is more durable than ever before. In the past, lead rail goods lifts are normal painting, and the surface painting would drop down quickly. Now Himors spray plastic technology changed the situation, and the surface is more durable.

Fourthly, apply electric cabinet with IP65 waterproof feature.

Besides the lift steel structure, there are electric cabinet outside. We choose electric cabinet with IP65 waterproof, and if there is rains sometime, the cabinet will be fine.

Fifthly, equip steel cover box for pump station.

To insure safety, we make steel cover box for hydraulic pump station. This protection measurement is popular for customers. Also we can add control buttons on the top of box.


In addition, if clients need optional configurations like enclosure, landing gates, over-loading warning, and others, welcome to discuss with Himor Lift Team. For example, some clients want to install enclosure to cover the lift, such as wire mesh, color steel tile, and iron plates etc. We insure good quality lifts and services for all hydraulic cargo elevator.